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  1. We are a troop from western Wisconsin looking for a camp in either South Dakota or Colorado to take a backpacking high adventure in the summer of 2010. (Prefer locations we are approximately a good days drive to.) We are looking for a camp that would provide a guide and planned trek since we are not experienced at backpacking treks and it would be the first time in a long time venturing outside the state. A couple of camps I found googling were Medicine Mountain Scout Ranch in SD and Elkhorn High Adventure Base in CO. There leader guides had the type of trips we were looking for. I did se
  2. A constitutional right here... A constititional right there.
  3. Our council provides the cards free. Unless cost is included in the cost of the rank/merit badge. How much are they charging?
  4. I am somewhat curious why someone continues to want the position but has no interest in being involved. It isn't the pay. Do they give any reason for wanting to stick around? Usually when someone becomes that disinterested they jump at the chance for someone to replace them.
  5. I have a son in the Navy and I believe the restriction with tatoos is there cannot be any on the face/neck area or on the lower forearms. I think the current fad of them being on the neck or excessive amounts of them where ever they are on the body is goofy. At least the goofy fads in my younger years like Beer Can hats could be taken off easily. I wonder what some of these are going to look like when they get older. Some aren't that attractive now and others like the barbed wire ones, neck ones, chinese symbols, or the ones on the lower back don't really show any imagination anyways.
  6. I appreciate it more when posts are answered with practical answers, what the respondent actually did in a similar case or what they may do based on their experiences. I think when someone is asking a question that they know that a Council/District Scouter can help with the situation. I know I have done that in the past. But in reading posts with situations that I am interested in how they can be handled reading answers like read this or read that is frustrating. Speaking for myself the information in those manuals, handbooks, pamphlets, typically explains a general program, outline or intent
  7. Timely article from Milwaukee Journa-Sentinel on the subject of identify theft. In today's paper http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=765114 I think one of the things they really wasn't answered is if the use of ssn really improves the ability of the background check agency to find the information needed to find people with criminal backgrounds. That is the bottom line question. Providing the number does increase the chances of it being stolen. It has to just due to the fact that someone else now has it. It would be a shame if it really isn't needed. There is also a diffe
  8. I would think the reason for having the policy stated that way is that it would make what is and what is not acceptable black and white. Using terms like "appropriate" only leaves too much up for interpertation and makes it easier to communciate the expectations and enforce. It would seem to me there must have been problems with what had been worn at the camp and maybe previous attempts to communicate what was appropriate fell on deaf ears. Especially if some troops made sure the "rule" was followed only to come to camp to see other troops disregarding the rule. Seems to me the eas
  9. evmori, Today is Memorial Day and is meant to remember those who died during their service. Veterens Day is in November and would be the appropriate time to say thanks to a vet. Any day actually would work too. Just trying to keep the integrity Memorial Day in tact. http://www.usmemorialday.org/backgrnd.html(This message has been edited by ogghall)
  10. I think you could remain in scouting. But as one reply said it may depend on how much the troop you are in includes religous activities in its activities. Also I think it depends on how much you want to make it an issue. If you feel it is necessary to bring it up and make an issue out of it it will be one. Then again if you can accept what the troop does and do not see a need to make an issue of it it probably won't be one. If you are good and moral person respectful of others I do not see what a belief in a good or religion has to do with it. There are enough instances in history that at
  11. Thanks for the info on the sliders. The teeth look in good shape so this may do the trick. Eureka did get back and they do not sell zippers but will replace sliders. They will repair though. I was just looking for the zipper because a parent thought they may be able to do the sewing. But not sure if they can do now. There is a place that does tent repairs in the area but had something done of mine a few years ago and were a little pricy. Thanks again
  12. Anyone know where replacement zippers for eureka tents can be purchased? We have a couple of older timberline 4's that are still in pretty decent shape except for the zippers. Thanks
  13. Possibly a reason for this attitude by the planners of the camporee is the size of the troops attending and the percentage of scouts attending from the troops. And based on the history of past attendance of the camporees. If you have troops that number around 10-12 scouts and you get 50-75% troop membership attending there may be only 7 or 8 scouts showing up. And not necessarily an even split from the patrols. (ex. 5 from Hawks and 3 from Ravens) I guess you could let the Ravens compete with 3. I know most of the troops in our district are not made up of 25-30 scouts they are mostly around 1
  14. Do any of your troops help pay for any or all of the cost of Woodbadge? Or is the person expected to pay? Typically the various Scoutmaster training has been paid for by the person attending but their cost is somewhat minimal $25. Woodbadge in our area is $200. If your troop does pay or subsidize a portion of it do you put any guidelines on the number of persons that can attend or is their some type of request like a campership. I realize it depends on the funds that are available and we are discussing how we will fund. Just looking for some guidelines for dispersing funds. Thanks
  15. Petronius lived in the time of the Roman Emperor Nero who named Petronius "Arbiter of Elegance." Nero was one of the emperors associated with the persecution of Christians, so he could not have lived more than two centuries before Christ. As a Quality Guy myself I think the problem is there is no patience to let the system evolve and improve them in a unique way to your work environment. Regardless whether its Quality Circles, SDWT, TQM. 6 Sigma, Lean or whatever the next thing consultants will get rich on there is always some CEO who wants the results now because the businesses are manag
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