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  1. Welcome RevShovel! I earned my Eagle in 1977 in the Uwharrie Council. Best regards, Eagle '77
  2. I wish to echo that salutation. I mostly watch and listen from a distance and sincerely appreciate your comments and wisdom. Best regards, Eagle '77
  3. Life is better with more North Carolinians! I was at UNC when Michael Jordan was dominating the court. Best regards, Eagle '77
  4. I was looking over the National Outdoor Challenge application to see if our troop could earn this award. Requirement #5. The troop earned at least one outdoors-related merit badge per Scout. Is this an average, or does each individual have to earn at least one of the designated merit badges? "The troop" suggests to me that it is an average, so if some of our guys earn several MBs from "the list" it will compensate for those who earn none. This would also help in the instance when you have guys in your troop who've already earned all the MBs on "the list". "The list" of qualifying Merit Badges: Backpacking, Camping, Canoeing, Climbing, Cooking, Cycling, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Science, First Aid, Fish and Wildlife Management, Fishing, Fly-fishing, Forestry, Hiking, Lifesaving, Orienteering, Pioneering, Rowing, Scuba, Snow Sports, Soil and Water Conservation, Swimming, Water Sports, and Whitewater. Why not - Archery, Astronomy, Athletics, Bird Study, Gardening, Golf, Horsemanship, Insect Study, Mammal Study, Motorboating, Nature, Oceanography, Personal Fitness, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, Small Boat Sailing, Sports, Surveying, Wilderness Survival? The application I have is from 2010, so maybe national would, or wouldn't, have listed Geocaching and Kayaking. Anyone out there ever just decided they'd use these other obvious choices and say "done" with it?
  5. I can empathize. I was inducted as a youth and finally became a Brotherhood member as an adult after a long absence from Scouting. Like you, I had memorized everything on the several Brotherhood questionnaires that I found and printed a thoughtful and sincere letter to the Lodge Chief. My Brotherhood class was a disappointment. It seemed that I was the only candidate who knew the material, and I actually dictated the song to the Lodge Chief to so he could write it on a white board for the class. On a positive note, the Brotherhood hike and ceremony were done very well. Best regards, Eagle '77
  6. Hey, man, I feel your pain; I've been there, too. You want so badly for those youngsters to understand what a golden opportunity Scouting is, and for them to take full advantage of it. I concur with dg98adams: keep in touch with that young man. And I might add, pray for him. Best regards, Eagle '77
  7. I've used a Therm-a-rest RidgeRest and one of their first inflatables for decades - alternating, not together. I just purchased one of their NeoAir inflatables several months ago and it's a dream come true: wonderfully comfortable and compact. I'm better than 50yrs old and lean, with very little natural padding on my hips, so, it has been well worth the price. Best regards, Eagle '77
  8. Is anyone knowledgeable about the status of this LNT Master Educator cloth strip? I cant seem to find information on whether or not it is official, or proper placement on the uniform. I guess it would be placed where the interpreter strip is supposed to reside. Im keen to have this on my uniform, but am presently riding the fence since I tend to follow the rules and cant confirm that this item is sanctioned by the B.S.A. (http://www.boyscoutstore.com/leave-no-trace-master-educator-strip-red.html) Best regards, Eagle 77
  9. Download Stellarium onto your laptop computer. (http://www.stellarium.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page) The program can be put into "night mode" to take out side and not ruin your night vision. Hook your laptop to a projector inside and you have a planetarium. I've used this to teach Cub Scouts Astronomy Belt loop/pin and plan to do so to teach the merit badge. Best regards, Eagle '77
  10. Porsche 914-4 (used) - wish it could have been a 914-6, or even a 916! Then a 924 (used), then a 924turbo (used). Then I became somewhat more sensible. If I play the lottery, and win big, it will be an 1958 Corvette, or an Aston Martin, or a Ford GT40. Remember, Porsche is a two syllable word! Best regards, Eagle '77
  11. LNT - overrated! I think not. Leave No Trace: A Guide to the New Wilderness Etiquette, 2nd ed., by Annette McGivney, is the best source I've found to flesh out the topic. I appreciate, and find it easier to remember something when I know more about a topic - in this case, the principles and recommendations of LNT. So you can go backpacking, remember to take at least the essentials, spend a reasonably comfortable night, and make it back (without blisters). Great! I'm somewhat impressed. Now do it as a practitioner of LNT (with a good attitude) - that shows some finesse! Best regards, and happy trails! Eagle '77
  12. Were only days away from a new calendar year. So, what, if any, resolution will you hold yourself to in the coming year? Being Scouts and Scouters, surely the pantheon of virtues stated in the Scout Oath and Scout Law will be mentioned often. For those elected into the Order of the Arrow, will you remind yourselves to be unselfish in service and devotion to the welfare of others? Will you be more vigilant in your efforts to Leave No Trace when visiting the great outdoors? Will you continue, or perhaps join, the health initiative and eat healthy and exercise (more)? For me, its all of the above. And be more patient with others. The very best to you all in the coming year, Eagle 77
  13. I wish to extend a great heapin helpin of appreciation to those who responded with positive comments. Special thanks to Eagledad, AvidSM, BDPtoo, MMallin, jblake47, and, of course, da Bevah. After further researching, I tend to concur that the three module outlines in the Scoutmaster Handbook are not much more than, well , outlines talking points, if you will. Even after referring back to the suggested references, it appears that an engaging presentation will take quite a bit of effort on my part. Spirited dialogue, not monolog, seems to be in order. I will probably use the Power Point presentation, too, for its utility, not out of spite. I intend on conveying most, if not all, of your opinions on this matter to our Scoutmaster. Best regards, Eagle 77
  14. I've segued from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts with my son. I'm privileged to now be an Assistant Scoutmaster, and I've been challenged to help reorganize our troop, starting with Troop Leadership Training (TLT). Our troop has two patrols with approximately a dozen to sixteen boys attending meetings. I've read the section on TLT in the Scoutmaster Handbook (Chp.7 Training Youth Leaders) and appreciated the recommendation to hold TLT after each change in youth leadership (approximately every six months). I have several questions. (1) Do we invite the entirety of the youth members to attend the three training sessions, or just those who have been elected into, or assigned, positions of responsibility (POR)? (2) Assuming this training will review the responsibilities of each POR in our troop, will the boys who attend be eligible to wear the "Trained" patch for each subsequent POR they hold for their entire career in our troop? Or, must a boy attend another TLT when he assumes a new POR? (3) Do we tailor subsequent TLT sessions to address only the areas that we, the adult leaders, see as needing improvement? We would hand out new Position Description cards at these subsequent TLT sessions and review responsibilities. Thank you for your kind attention to this matter. Best regards, Eagle '77
  15. I'm presently working on a monolog for an Arrow of Light presentation. Most of the ceremonies I've found in my research ascribe seven virtues of a good life to the seven sun rays on the Arrow of Light badge. I'd like to known how, when, and why this tradition came about. These virtues are: The Cardinal virtues - prudence (wisdom), justice, temperance (self-control), fortitude (courage) The Transcendent virtues - faith, hope, love (charity) Webelos Handbook, p.62 - "The Arrow of Light award displays a universal symbol for the sun and below it, an arrow. The 7 rays of the sun stand for each day of the week. They remind you to do your best every day as you follow the arrow that leads to Boy Scouting." Thank you, in advance, for your insight. Best regards, Eagle '77
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