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  1. I am sure there is some special salute I'm supposed to do when in the presence of all this superness ... :-) And my post count is only 109? For as many years as I have been a member and *read* here I didn't realize I've been mostly quiet! My husband will have a difficult time believing this.
  2. Our day turned out rather exciting when, right at the end of the service, one of the elderly congregants went down. Thankfully there was a "doctor in the house". The boys directed traffic, cleared parking area for the ambulance, ran for cold cloths, etc, while I was able to work with the doc to provide a little more hands on care. He was sitting up and talking by the time they took him out to the ambulance. And it was a great sermon reminding us that through everything love needs to be our highest priority. I also had the opportunity after church to have an in depth conversation with
  3. So, how did you spend Scout Sunday? Our boys are heading out to spend the morning with our Charter Organization. This is a special day to the elderly congregation as the boys present the colors (including the Christian flag), each say a little about what they have done the past year, what they are looking forward to in the coming year and why they appreciate the over 60 years this church has chartered us in our small community. Then they honor us with a reception where the boys are served all the cookies they can eat. It is a day our charter organization serves the boys - they will hav
  4. Consider this, Sentinel947 - organizations like the VFW and American Legion, at least around here, are made up predominentally of older folks. Considerably older folks. They tend to not be all that progressive in matters such as this. Another I'm contemplating today - I wonder how this is going to play out in our local fundraising efforts. I think I am thankful we are heading to the movies. My brain needs a rest.
  5. Thank you for being so responsive, Terry! I totally appreciate the new link to show me the active threads since my last visit!
  6. I am finding posts that I have written in my profile yet cannot find them in the actual thread.
  7. Beavah, you hit smack on the head. It does feel like a betrayal. Yes, it was a place where I felt safe as a woman and felt somewhat safe for my kid to be with people I barely know, if at all at times. Now I am very thankful that we decided not to send him to Jamboree this year and have reservations about him going to a specialty camp as a provisional camper. One thing I would like to point out is that there already WAS a group of people that hashed this whole thing out, looked at it from every angle and made a recommendation. That committee was made up of volunteers from around the co
  8. Packsaddle: I have a problem with it because I don't believe it is true. And thank you to whomever decided to jump the gun and start making a stink even before the Board votes. Nothing like the true agenda clearly stated to wake people up. Sorta pushes that whole willingness to let people choose at the local level bs right out the door, eh? Anyway, here it is: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/furor-proposed-shift-scouts-gays-policy-18369767 Furor Over Proposed Shift in Scouts No-Gays Policy By DAVID CRARY AP National Writer NEW YORK February 1, 2013 (AP) The Boy
  9. Thank you for posting that Lodge 489. Rather takes the question of why would anyone think the LGBT would go after Charter Organizations that would maintain the status quo right off the table, eh? At least it is now out there for all to see and National will not be able to just push this on down the line but have to man up and make a decision.
  10. I just asked my 14 year old. He said home and school - then looked at me like I had grown two more heads. :-) I chose not to give him context.
  11. I buy Crystal Light drink mixes as they are very tasty and sugar free. Even for our Boy Scouts too much sugar is not a pretty thing :-) I don't mind chips so long as it isn't all they eat. Single serving bags, while more expensive, help control portion sizes. All beef hot dogs are a better choice - low fat tend not to get eaten. Walking tacos are a great hit with kids that age (all ages, including parents, actually) and can be packed full of good stuff. We combined those with a single cookie and a drink and served that at Pinewood Derby. It was *always* a hit. I don't think I
  12. Sentinel947 said: "As for your comment about the molestation. I'm aware that stuff happens. The question is, would it be more common because you allow in gay members? Are gays more or less likely to molest another teenager? Or is orientation irrelevant to this discussion? " Not as a general statement, but certainly as a matter of exposure. The only circumstance you have 14 year old girls in a position to be fondled by 17 year old boys would be in a Venture Crew or maybe an Explorer Post, and both represent a very small percentage of Scouting units. However, when you expand that to
  13. Well, until yesterday I didn't have a clue there was any change even being considered in light of the Supreme Court decision and all of the commitments to maintaining rights as a private organization, blah, blah, blah just a few short months ago. So to me - yes, one voice could very well represent a ground swell when coupled with how things have worked out in several different venues in recent years.
  14. If that is the case, scoutingagain, please explain to me the boys who have been denied Eagle rank as a result of being openly gay. Maybe I am missing something.
  15. "Cowardly? The Supreme Court has stated that the BSA may set membership standards as they see fit due to the fact that they are a private organization. Charter Organizations have always had the right to pick and choose Scout leaders. They could choose to pick only left handed, Catholic females of Swedish decent under the age of 25 with a weight proportional to height for their adult troop leadership positions if they wished. I bet that would be a thriving troop!" I think we would all agree this is a decision BSA is even considering due to pressure from both the LGBT and corporate sp
  16. Unless they have issued a new statement, the BSA potential policy change does NOT limit the conversation to adult leaders only. Thank you, pchadbo, for a respectful and thoughtful dialogue. It has forced me to clarify my own thinking about several points. I will await the Executive Board's decision, have discussions with our Charter Organization and will decide what is next based on those conversations. There are several options available for folks who are not interested in an organization with no religious basis or biases. If this passes there will no longer be one (as far as I c
  17. Moosetracker - I don't know what my CO is going to do. As I said, I am not a member of their church and I don't know their position on this. Nor do I know if they, as a small church, feel able to bear the costs of litigation should they take the position to say no and then are subsequently sued. The questions are complex, actually. Even if a CO says they are going to stand firm they and the individuals involved are still inherently tied to the national organization and what it does and does not stand for. As for the karate teacher - if that club/school/whatever represented the
  18. PC - I thought I did address that in point #1 - sorry. I will try to say it a different way. For National to make policy changes/compromises based on peer pressure does not set the example that re-enforces what I am teaching my own son, nor the boys in our troop for that matter. I teach them that right and wrong are not simply matters of majority vote, popular opinion or found in the quest to necessarily get along. I want my son to be a man of conviction. National is now undermining that teaching. We joined an organization that supported our values and they are choosing not only to dep
  19. Beavah, you said that so much better than I did - and you said exactly what I was trying to.
  20. I want to respond before I read any other replies as I want this to be from the heart. 1. One of the things we really try to teach the young men in our unit is to not compromise their core values because of pressure. A living example of that: we have had boys bullied because they are in scouts rather than sports, particularly those in high school. They aren't called "gay". They are called "goody two shoes" and the equivalent, because they don't bully others, they are respectful to adults and other youth, they are conscientious about doing their school work, chores, etc. We spent a grea
  21. Packsaddle, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. I do NOT know how our charter organization will decide in this matter. While we have an excellent relationship with the Charter Organization we personally are members of a different church. I would have to go back and read my original post but I don't recall making reference to any other unit or charter organization. I don't mind questions about how I feel about this matter and will honestly dialog with anyone about it, however we must first agree to honestly represent what the other person has said. Thank you.
  22. MattR, I suspect there will be many more, as you call them, helicopter parents. I don't mind every scout having a parent along if they like, so if that's what it takes for people to feel comfortable, more power to them. There are plenty of ways to keep adults busy and out of the way of the boys.
  23. I found this site years ago when my now 14 year old Life Scout was just a Wolf Cub and I was a new Den leader. It was a great resource to me during those early years. I came here when I was tapped to run Cub/Webelos Resident Camp, looking for ideas on the best features of a camp, and implemented so of those ideas at our own Council camp. Now, as a Scoutmaster, I still drop by from time to time. I have gleaned lots from great contributors and some of you lifetime Scouters. So, Terry, I, too, appreciate the repository of material and wisdom that can be found here. Today I came specifica
  24. I thoroughly enjoyed WB21C when I took it two years ago. One of the members of my Patrol did not - viewed it as pretty much a total waste of time. I enjoyed all aspects of it - except having to unload the car when I got back home, but then I never enjoy that part. :-) I predict you will have a great time.
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