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  1. We had CSI come in one year and the boys got to make fingerprints and collect "evidence"/ They thought it was really cool. Of course it helps to have a Police Seargant, Lt and Captain in your pack!
  2. Our pack has an award for Most Scout Friendly (which means Scout did most or all of the work himself..you can usually tell by the horrible or unique paint jobs LOL!) We also do an award for the slowest car that doesnt win any races because they boy usually gets so upset. It is called Most Fuel Efficient. This award is the one most appreciated by parents it seems.
  3. We have had a cake auction at our B&G for the last few years. Last year we made $1200! WE always have council and district people in attendance and they get in to it as much as the Pack families! Obviously if something was wrong with this then we would have heard about it by now! Auctions are fine!
  4. Iused to be a Fox and a good ole Fox too, But now I've finished Foxing I don't know what to do I'm growing old and feeble And I can Fox no more So I'm going to work my ticket if I can. Back to Gilwell, Happy Land! I'm going to work my ticket if I can. I actually miss singing this song all the time!
  5. Most of the packs in our area have been getting between 15 and 20 boys at each sign up night they attend. I did a sign up night for a pack last Friday. 22 boys showed up and 21 walked away registered. I think our pack this year has recruited 30 or 40 kids...not sure of exact numbers yet because I haven't looked at all the paperwork!
  6. In our pack the policy is any belt loop earned at a Scouting event (Day Camp, Pack or Den Meetings, Camp out, Council events etc) are paid for by the Pack. Any loop earned outside of scouting events are paid for by the parents. We have a copy of the req for all belt loops on hand and will gladly make a copy for any parent who ask! Belt loops are good for the boys and it gives them something to earn during those months when they are working on rank. They love getting awards at pack meetings so this opens them up to being able to get at least one thing at every pack meeting if they so
  7. Thanks for the info! Will let you know if we end up moving. Found a couple of good prospects for Troops online and have talked to a couple of SM!
  8. May be moving from GA to Montana in the near future and was just wondering if anyone on this forum was from there. Was curious if Troops are that much different on that side of the country ! Was hoping to find someone in the Missoula area who could give me rundown on the best troops. I have noticed alot of Troops to be LDS which will not work for me...my husband and I are both involved in Scouting and would like for it to remain that way and it is my understanding LDS does not allow women Scouters? Is this correct?
  9. Gold Bond was on our Troops packing List LOL!
  10. My son just returned from summer camp. He had a few pairs of clean clothes left which did not surprise me to much. He did not however have any clean underwear or socks left. He might rewear his clothes but he will change his underwear and socks daily...and he is 11!
  11. http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CFPageC?storeId=10151&catalogId=10001&langId=-1&appID=86326&template=bsa.cfm Link to flyer..you still have to call your local Bass Pro for more info. Most of the classes have already been done so there are only a few left. I recommend calling to preregister as one of our Bass Pro shops has been full for the classes since this flyer was released. We also are lucky enough to have 2 within an hrs drive.
  12. wow there is some serious hostility in this thread from some women regarding this Troop. I will join the minority here and say that I see nothing wrong with a Troop that limits/restricts women on campouts or in leadership. IMHO I think men should be SM and ASM simply because boys need a male role model. For some boys this is the only chance they get at a good male role model. Scout campouts are also their time to be guys and do guy stuff without women around. There is nothing that says you have to serve as ASM because you are so well trained. I am sure pointing that out to them in the w
  13. We also do what jhankins said and put our coals inside aluminum pie pans!
  14. SctDad the same can be said for weather in GA...if you don't like it wait 20 min and it will change Our boys during their first year of Webelos Resident Camp had a thunderstorm EVERY night right around bedtime. If we cancelled camp every time a summer thunderstorm came up Scouts in GA would never get to have camp!
  15. I agree. Since the highest possibility of storms is during the overnight hours and they are "scattered storms" Our pack would proceed as planned with the campout. As long as you have somewhere to take cover in the event of severe weather such as cloud to ground lightning or possible tornados. A little rain has never ruined a campout for us! In fact most of the boys think it is cool But please go to myscouting.org and take Hazardous Weather training. It only takes about 15-20min. someone needs to be HW trained on every outing to get a tour permit approved.
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