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  1. "I don't know how carefully they checked, but I possess no Scouting material from my time as a youth, so couldn't have provided proof on my own had they asked." A Scout is Trustworthy. One who lies about OA membership knows he's a liar. Good enough for me.
  2. Love2Camp, Is the new SM a man? Is it possible the committee is so old fashioned that they preferred to have a man as SM instead of two women?
  3. Scoutfish, Two months ago I bought an Old Town Guide 147 off of Craigslist for $350. This same canoe can be found new at Bass Pro Shop for $549. I couldn't be more happy with it, either solo or dual. It's plastic but 3 ply with foam core, rather than a single ply plastic. It is naturally buoyant and probably more damage resistant than Royalex (but heavier.) PM me if you want more details. Bass Pro does have a good selection of canoe supplies as well as Dick's Sporting Goods. A book that helped me make a decision on what to buy is Basic Essentials of Canoeing by Cliff Jacobson. T
  4. And I made sure one of the first things I gave my cub's parents was the uniform inspection sheet. There's a few cubs and scouters in my pack with patches in very wrong places but it isn't my place nor style to be the patch police. Cubs is about FUN, not regulations, still though I wanted my families to get it right the first time.(This message has been edited by Miquin1978)
  5. Lets hope the folks with the patches "sewn" on actually sewed them on instead of Badge Magic! I do sympathize for people using Badge Magic though, it took me 3 hours to get my CSP and three pack numerals sewn on straight and correct (and had to deal with making it look in line with the epaulet and sleeve pocket!). Obviously sewing isn't my strong suit.
  6. Scoutfish, As was previously said skip the Walmart canoe. In addition to the repair issues many single layer polyethylene canoes do not have added buoyancy and if they swamp they will sink. To me this defeats the purpose of the canoe as just about all the other types float (even the aluminum ones because foam is contained in the ends.) I have an Old Town Guide 147 (14'7" long with a 38" beam.) If you are looking for a low priced canoe this one can't be beat. They can be found new at Bass Pro Shops, Dicks Sporting Goods and the like for about $100 more than that Walmart one. As a res
  7. Unless it is the enjoyment of the making of the coffee you seek just get Starbucks Via and leave the pot home. This was the best invention for camp cooking since the Dutch oven. If you absolutely have to bring some paraphernalia I vote for the French press and your favorite ground coffee. Either way all you have to do is make hot water. I have had the Folgers tea bag coffee and believe it should only be served to those you do not like. For the absolute coffee snob get a Bialetti espresso pot. This is what I use at home with Cafe Bustelo. Makes perfect espresso every time.
  8. Watched Man vs Wild tonight, a repeat of "North Africa" and Bear had a World Scout Crest emblem on his jacket. It was plainly visible over and over throughout the program as well as the purple UK Scouts wristband. Whether you question his techniques, choices, or the fact he has a crew filming him he is plainly doing all his own stunts (for the lack of a better term)and without a safety line. I just pray he doesn't mess up one day and get seriously injured. He comes off as a genuine guy and I haven't heard a single negative thing about him in the media. My cub scout son thinks he's gr
  9. I would but it is a "threat to the secrecy." ;-) http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=282980
  10. Fantastic! That was only 3 weeks for me lamenting its demise after learning about it here. Now to sign up to be a MBC for it.
  11. NJ, It must have been Camp Winnebago I was thinking of, not Allamuchy, that came into the Watchung Area Council through a merger with Union Council in 1980 (which I found out using "the Google"). I haven't been to that one either. It was the addition of the new camp (Winnebago) that led to the closure of Camp Watchung. Interesting personal note: I attended the 50th anniversary celebration of Camp Watchung's opening in 1978 along with my father (who as I said camped there in the '40s) and my uncle who camped there the opening year, 1928. Little did we realize it would close just 3 yea
  12. Adam, If I am following you correctly you are speaking of the new Camp Watchung which is in Mountainside, NJ next to or part of the Watchung Reservation, a Union County park. The original Camp Watchung is 30 miles west or so in Hunterdon County. It isn't even in the Watchung Mountains unlike the present camp but named for the Watchung Area Council. I found this out when my Den Leader sister told me she was going to day camp at Camp Watchung and I got excited thinking the old camp was re-opened. Is Wheeler the camp at Allamuchy? I never camped there as the Watchung Area Coun
  13. On a recent trip back to my home state of NJ I discovered that my dear beloved scout camp, Camp Watchung which closed in 1981, is now a county park. It had been planned for development but the developer got into financial trouble apparently and the county took the property over a few years ago. After downloading a map I set out on a hike along with my dad who camped there as a scout in the late '40s and with my troop as an ASM to see if we could identify any of what was left. Most of the buildings are gone and trees filed in the campsites but there were enough reminders that all of my day
  14. With regard to the knots I believe the answer is in the eyes of the scouts. If THEY see your bling as silly then it is silly. If THEY see the bling as cool then it is cool. The only difference, IMHO, between the two is how the scouter handles himself with his charge. If he is respected my guess is that the latter example would apply.
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