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  1. Cooking, Orienteering and even Backpacking are good candidates in my opinion. I would remove Cycling, as a matter of fact I never understood why it made the list in the first place.
  2. Back when I got inducted into the OA almost ten years ago I remember people telling us that the sash should not be washed because if it gets dirty it represents service. This led to some sashes that were in a really bad condition. Around that same time, the plastic sleeves were introduced but, at least in my lodge, it turned out to be a not so popular item. A couple of years later wearing a clean sash became the norm, and we started to remind everyone that a scout is clean and a dirty and ugly sash didn't give a good image to the OA. About the sashes, i've never had any problems with the
  3. Gnome1952

    NOAC 2009

    I read somewhere that next year there's going to be a NOAC at Indiana State. Any information available online about the event? I went to the National OA Website, but found only information about the ArrowCorps5 event. Another question,are there usually staff positions available for NOACs? I've already been to a NOAC as a participant (back in 2002 also at Indiana), but would like to experience things from the other side.
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