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  1. We received donations via a benevolence fund from a loved Den Leader for a track. We did about 6 months of research, asked around, and made our decision. We chose BestTracks because of the guarantee, ease of setup, it was aluminum, which could handle the storage area we need to keep it in, and was the best cost for the tracks. We also got the MicroWizard Timer, and it works great. We ran our first race this past year with it, and it's amazingly fast. We did modify the starting gate by adding another spring. The one provided didn't drop the gate as fast as we'd like it. We had th
  2. We charge $95.00 for WRC, it may be going up $10.00 this coming year. Boy Scout Camp is $210.00, and is going up $10.00. We do offer a discount of $30 for early registration for BS camp, so we make sure we get in early. We have 3 boys, so between Day Camp, WRC, and BS Camp, it's really expensive over the summer.
  3. We've been pretty lucky with our outings, and have been able to go many places. We too are not the wealthiest of packs, but we do manage to attend a lot of events at reduced costs, based on who we know, and our willingness to negotiate pricing. We usually attend the usual things, such as sports events, swimming, etc. We also sponsor our own events. These are what we've termed Pow-Wow's. We take over the church we meet in for the night, and camp out family style. We'll usually have a guest speaker. Last year we had a guy from NASA bring down his space suit, and props, and gave a
  4. My son watched Lean on Me. Another is Pay it Forward. There are others, but I feel that these can keep a child's attention. He's 11, and it takes a lot to keep his attention. He was grilled by the MB counselor on the movie, and passed with flying colors.
  5. We have an orientation meeting every year. This is officially our first Den Meeting. We hand out our bylaws, parent orientation guide, our media release forms. We tell them about our website to get all information off of, especially since they never receive all the mail and handouts we send home. We only use BSA items when we refer to them specifically, such as two-deep leadership, achievements, etc. As for new leader packets, we don't have any, but we (myself the CC, and the Cubmaster) meet with the new leaders, go over the paperwork, tell them what is expected, give them a list of r
  6. I agree with everyone that training makes a big difference. I would like to point out that we recently had a parent that we wanted for a Wolf Den Leader, who dramatically dissapointed us on a family campout. I can't go into details, but we would have never known without witnesses. I think you have to pre-position folks personally. You can ask a room full of people to step up and no-one will, but if you ask someone on a personal level that works. Always be positive, such as "I like how you handled that activity, and I've noticed over the past several months that you really seem to enjo
  7. Thanks. I'm of that opinion also. Two of the boys are from one family, they participate in the activities, as does grandma (she takes care of 4 kids). They each have earned their rank, and participate in the fundraisers. I have no problem supporting them. The third, doesn't participate in the fundraising, hasn't earned his rank, and the parent won't even drop the kid off, we have to pick him up. We've had conversations similar to the participation, and told her that we won't sponsor him, if they don't step up. Here's the next problem, some of the committee members want this in writi
  8. I would love to take over, unfortunately, I'm also involved heavily in the pack, since I still have two boys there, and am a den leader and Committee Chair, webmaster, pack trainer, etc. I have about two years until my middle son moves on, before I can assume any further responsibility. My only option at this point is to give suggestions, and attend as many events as possible. There's a goup of cub leaders that moved up also, that are good people, but followers, that I know will step up, should I take over. I'm hoping they are there when I'm able.
  9. I've just joined the Troop with my son, who just crossed over. Having been a scout in this troop about 20 years ago, I see a lot of disorganization. I'm also seeing a lack of both adult and scout leadership. There are about 3 scouts at star or above, but are about 17. Then there are 7 1 year scouts, and 7 brand new scouts. With the older boys not really participating to pass off their leadership skills, and the adult leaders not helping to train new leaders, I'm not seeing the scout led philosophy take off. The 1 year scouts are running the show, but without much success. Any suggestion
  10. We have three families that the pack is supporting, and are in desperate need of what we should pay for. We of course recognize that dues, rechartering, awards, and pinewood derby car kits. What we can't agree on is campouts, activities, WRC and Day Camps. The cubs can get camperships for WRC and Day Camp. We are also not paying for books, uniforms (council has a used uniform program) and equipment. Does anyone have any definitive guidelines they use for determining need and what to pay for?
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