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  1. The boy told the scoutmaster he wouldn't attend a lot of meetings due to his work schedule. When he does attend he is helpful. He has been working on personal management for the past month.
  2. We have a boy who only attended 25% of the meetings and none of the outings this past year. He recently came back all set to do his Eagle project (he turns 18 in November) What should we do? The boy was active in the past but he has a job at the local supermarket and other commitments. On the hand we have a young troop and we want to instill in the boys a sense that partciption is necessary so letting him do the project will send the wrong message.
  3. My troop just got back from Boston where we did the freedom trail. We have done Philly and New York in recent years. And the boys enjoy these trips. Does anyone have a suggestion of a city to explore in 2010? We are located near NYC.
  4. I live outside of New York City. My brother lives outside of Washington DC. He has two kids under age 4. We are trying to arange a family camping trip this summer. Any suggestions on where to camp with small childern?
  5. Thanks. We may go up on President day weekend so we will stay at the council camp in a cabin. A few quick questions 1 How much time should we allow to do the freedom trail in Boston? 2. Is the Plymouth colony and Salmen open? or do they close for the winter? 3 Are there any special events going on that weekend? 4 Do you have any others pointers or tips
  6. Does anyone knows of a campsite near Boston?
  7. On a recent campout some scout sprayed fake dog poop on a troop tent. A similar thing happened last Spring. So what is an apporiate course of action.
  8. Does anyone have experience with brothers serving as senior patrol leader and assistant senior patrol leader? Would you recomend other troops do it or don't do it? Also are there things the adult leaders should watch for?
  9. When I was a scout I was always told only 1% of the boys who join scouting make it to Eagle scout. But at the last Eagle court of honor they were saying that 5% of boys make it now. Why has there been such an increase? In case you are interested I'm in my late thirties.
  10. My troop os located in Northern New Jersey about 15 minutes from the George Washington Bridge. Does anyone know of any 20 mile hikes near by that we can do in the spring so the boys can get hiking MB? Also does anyone have experience in taking 5th graders who just bridged over on 20 mile hikes?
  11. In my troop when a boy get his scout badge he is given a three ring binder with baseball card holders inside. After every court of honor. The Boys are reminded to put any blue cards or rank advancement cards in their books. This way the boy himself has postive proof of what he did and there is no fear of someone losing his records
  12. We are a boy scout that is considering dual regristring the older boys as a venuting crew. What are the advantages of filling out all the paper work to make an offical crew over simply having two or three special trips for older boys. Venture leaders often say venture scouts can do stuff boy scouts can't. They always use firing handguns as the example are they any others?
  13. We are a boy scout that is considering dual regristring the older boys as a venuting crew. What are the advantages of filling out all the paper work to make an offical crew over simply having two or three special trips for older boys. Venture leaders often say venture scouts can do stuff boy scouts can't. They always use firing handguns as the example are they any others?
  14. Many of the boys in my troop are big fans of the show mythbusters. Since we can always use some new meetings ideas does anyone know any BSA or outdoor myths the boys can bust durring a troop meeting or campout?
  15. Most scouts view knots as something that they have to do. Instead of something fun like working with an ax or building a fire. Is there a way to make knots more "fun" so each year we don't have to go back to square one before Klondkike?
  16. I think there should be a new adult position in scouting "District Service Commissioner" The job would have three main functions. 1. Encourage units to do more service projects. Some things to accomplish this would be visiting units to help them think of things to do and coming up awards for both scouts and units for reaching a certian number of service hours. 2. Act as a liassion between scouting and non scouting groups. 3. Public relations of work done by scouts. I am interested in what others think of my idea
  17. Is the scout law in order of importance? In other words did Baden Powell consider trustworthiness to be more important than reverence?
  18. My troop is planning a week long backpacking trek for August 2006. We never did anything like this. So does anyone has any advice on how to make it run as smoothly as possible or pitfalls to avoid?
  19. Our Senior Patrol Leader was talking to the troop about up coming activities. Some of the boys were talking and giggling among themselves. Not proper scout behavior but not as bad as the SPL made it out to be. Anyway the situation fed on itself. The boys got more obnoxious and the SPL got more frustrated. I don't want to step in at the first sign of trouble (btw I am now the scoutmaster) since I don't want to undermine the SPL's authority. But the situation can get very bad very fast. So is there a "right time" to step in? I tried talking to the SPL after the meeting.
  20. If a scout walks ten miles in one day while doing either 15 miles in three days or 30 miles in five days requirement for backpacking merit badge can he use it for hiking merit badge?
  21. Has anyone seen the new movie "Down and Derby" About the pinewood derby. If so want to play Roger Ebert?
  22. Politics and Government. Some of the requirements can be. Explain how parties choose candiates in your state, how third parties candiates can get on the ballot. Write a brief history of either major party. Bring in X numbers of political ads explain what you like and don't like about each. Define some terms like primary caucus. Do one of the following run for election at your school, volutuneer for a candiate of your choice or interview an elected offical about his career.
  23. I am looking into taking my troop to Virginia the week of Jambo. The tentative plan is to visit jambo one day and then visit historical places. I have a quick question I heard that a troop can't get a tour permit to stay within 100 miles of fort AP Hill that week. Is my information correct?
  24. In a few weeks I will be taking over as scoutmaster for a troop I have been assistant scoutmaster for since 1997. The former scoutmaster is leaving on good terms and is willing to assist me if needed. He has been the only scoutmaster the troop ever had. My questions are: How can I best utlized the former scoutmaster's knowledge and expertise. And what is the best way to get out of his shadow because it may be a cliche but for many years he was the heart and soul of the troop. Thanks for any advice.
  25. Shortly after VE day General Eisenhower sent the following letter to General Marshall "The strongest weapon I have always had in my hand was a confident feeling that you trusted my judgement, believed in the objectivity of my approach to any problem and were ready to sustian to the fullest limit anything we found neceasary to undertake to accomplish the defeat of the enemy." My question is for Scoutmasters. "How many of you think that your Senior Patrol Leader feels the same way about you. (With the expection of defeating the enemy.) Senior Patrol Leaders. Do you feel like thi
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