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  1. They're correct. There's no special requirement in BSA for patrol flags during the raising of the USA flag. That's not to say you were "wrong" for bringing your patrol flag out to horizontal salute, just that it's not a BSA requirement. BSA even has in writing a prohibition on military drill other than for special situations such as flag ceremonies specifically to prevent the para-military appearance. So for us veteran types is sometimes hard to swallow the informality of some ceremonies. BTW, humble birds stay close to the ground:) Bobwhites SR-73.
  2. PLEASE DON"T TURN THE CUB UPSIDE DOWN!! BSA National Council issued a policy letter on popular practices that were considered unsafe, inappropriate, or hazing sometime around 1990-91 that mentioned turning cubs upside down for the Bobcat award. My guess is that a boy got injured and the family complained to National that, "They told me I had to..." Soon after that my Woodbadge patrol was alo chastised about a skit and some popular songs being inappropriate. Turning a cub upside down is asking for trouble even if noe one has ever been injured in your pack. We all know it only takes once. Our p
  3. kdmill_1


    Archaic? I see people in the business world wearing them every day. I wear my olive drab BSA tie with my long sleeve uniform for formal occassions, but never with my short sleeve shirts. I'm sorry to not see them in the catalog.
  4. kdmill_1


    When teaching uniforming at Cub Leader Basic Training, the objection always comes up of cost. Yes, these things are expensive, but let's compare. I keep on hand the most recent ad for football uniform gear form Academy, (in the south)or whomever is the biggest supplier in your area, that has every piece form helmet to shoes with prices. To outfit a youth football player is considerably more expensive than a Scout uniform, and most young kids need a ney football uniform each year. How many parents readily fork out big buck for footbal, then balk at a Scout uniform?
  5. I had to buy my own medals for Scouter Training Award, Scoutmasters Key (both hang-from-the-pocket type), Cub Scouter Award, and Cubmaster Award (around the neck). That was years ago, and I had to ask for them at the Scout Shop. Too bad they're discontinued. Sorry, mine aren't for sale : )
  6. I teach at a Ninth Grade Center (ie. 9th grade only campus)and have had the thought of starting a crew there. I of course would contact the DE, etc., but would appreciate any insights, experiences, etc. any of you may be able to offer. This school is very urban (Houston)with all the attendant challenges, which is why I think the Venturing program has so much to offer these kids.
  7. I had to post. When I saw SR-771 it caught my eye because I attended SR-71 in the Sam Houston Area Council in 1994. Surprisingly, when I go to RT I'm the "oldest" woodbadger there even though I'm only 41. Bobwhites rule. Bob-Kevin
  8. I've been a registered Scouter for almost 20 years, and I've worked on all levels from Tiger Cubs to Venturing, district training teams, summer camp staff, etc., but the last 2 or 3 years I haven't been very active. My oldest son is out of Scouts, and my younger, almost 16, is only mildly interested. How do I rekindle the drive and excitement I used to have? What suggestions do y'all have? Who's dealt with it before? I volunteered as Roundtable commissioner last year, but I was unable to attend for several months and that's fallen by the wayside. I think maybe because I wasn't actively involve
  9. I wear all ten knots (three with miniature devices) and my WB beads almost every time I wear the uniform. One shirt has no knots and is used on campouts or summer camp when I'm going to be getting sweaty and dirty. On numerous occassions I've had Scouters, Scouts, and non-Scouting folks ask me what they represent. It opens opportunities to explain chances for training to Scouters, helps Scouts understand that Scouters can earn stuff too, and shows a new side of "Boy Scouts" to those unfamiliar with the program. And I agree with those who've noticed that at times it lends an air of credibili
  10. Sir, pull your neckerchief over and step to the side! We'll have to inspect that thing! I wore the old green neckerchief with the axe-in log. I think the new one in tartan looks cool!
  11. I agree. One must be serving in a regional capacity to wear the region patch. I do however see several council scouters wearing it. Hmmmm.
  12. Thank you! That's an excellent explanation! Just what I was looking for.
  13. Anyone out there who went to SR-73 in Houston, 1994? Since moving to another state and returning to Texas I haven't been in contact with anyone. If you know someone who attended that course, have them send me an email. I used to be a Bobwhite, a good old........
  14. While serving on Summer Camp staff last year I saw a unit where the adult leaders were wearing red-white-and-blue loops. Definitely a unit thing. I also got really peaved years ago when a lot of people in my previous council had a round OA embroidered sticker in the center of their loops saying,"Our advisor said we could."
  15. In the LDS church Scout Sunday is no longer officially observed during services. While a mention of the anniversary date may be made, uniforms aren't worn in order to maintain a higher level of reverence in the meetings. Boys age 12-18 also usually have church responsibilities that dictate a certain dress, namely white shirt and tie.
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