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  1. Yah, we adults are funny critters, eh? We seem to have an obsession over bureaucratic paperwork.... It's all a bunch of balderdash. Well, Scouting in general is "all a bunch of balderdash." It's just a youth group with some arbitrary program attached. The idea is that by participating in some of these arbitrary programs and requirements, the boys might learn something of lasting value. ("a game with a purpose", if you will.) Keeping track of your handbook is a mostly arbitrary requirement (not entirely arbitrary, as the record of rank advancement is at least significant.) Noth
  2. I having some trouble following the situation. Is this a troop you've previously worked with? Or a random troop in need of help that approached you out of the blue? In my case, if a random troop (or any organization for that matter) asked me for help with something, but my initial encounters with them revealed unpleasant politics and other issues, I would probably politely decline the invitation and stick with less dysfunctional groups. What exactly do they mean by "SM without the title?" What do they envision you to be doing, and what do they envision the SM to be doing? Just pl
  3. BD - To frame this in a different context: I believe a couple weeks ago you posted some frustrations with the youths' dietary choices while camping. So I wonder if we're doing them a disservice by not offering all of the available menu options, like Red Bull and Doritos? :-) I think as Scouters we do have some leeway to guide the program towards the ideals and goals collectively formulated by the BSA, the CO and the troop committee. So, personally, I wouldn't actively advocate an activity that I felt did not help us meet those ideals and goals. However, if the PLC was interested in suc
  4. I guess if the patrols are 300 feet apart, and the adults are respectful of the patrol method and of the youth leadership, then it really doesn't matter if "too many" adults show up?
  5. Well at least it's not a cell phone. Or else we'd have to confiscate it.
  6. Seattle - Always happy to make points, but I'm not sure I deserve credit for that this time :-) I see your unit decides for itself what it's uniforming standards will be. Thank you for making my point. Right, that's my point too. As I've said several times throughout this thread, individual units need to set reasonable and responsible goals and standards for their implementation of each of the various Methods of Scouting. You think we should disregard poor advancement results in favor of spending limited time and energy on uniforming? No, of course not. What did I say t
  7. It is religious division which creates suicide bombers (of the 9/11 like)... And here I thought it was rampant materialism and imperial secularism .... I agree with qwaze. I think any "religious war" in modern times (and maybe even in ancient times) has more to do with secular politics, economics, natural resources and culture than with religion. I think it's just easier to win the support of otherwise apathetic people - and to stir them into a crazed frenzy - when you make them believe they're fighting for Almighty God, rather than something boring and secular like fair taxes or
  8. Which rank is this? Did he have the SMC already? Could his SM and PL vouch for him, that he did complete all of the requirements, and they have no reservations about him appearing before the BOR for whatever rank he's working on? But, still sounds like there's some opportunity to work in a "teachable moment" about the importance of keeping track of one's handbook.
  9. All this doom and gloom and prophesies about how devoting "too much time" to uniforming could drive away members and destroy a troop's program... sheesh! I spent some time doing a rough calculation of how much time and effort has been devoted to "uniforming" in my units: How many scouts or families have been driven away from my units over uniforming? Zero. How much time is spent per year on matters pertaining to uniforming? Maybe an hour or two, total. Basically just sharing our goals and expectations with new scouts and their parents. And saying "if this is a concern, feel
  10. Which merit badge? Camping, I presume? I believe the requirement for the camping MB states that the Scout must camp 20 nights in a tent or under the stars. Spending one night tenting at a baseball game event doesn't seem like it would totally ruin the advancement program to me. The requirement states that the camping must occur at a designated Scouting event, but doesn't have any additional restrictions, so what would be your basis for not "counting" this?
  11. Yeah, it's just a method - one of many tools that we use to deliver the Scouting program. To ignore the Uniform method would be akin to ignoring the Outdoor Method. Different troops have different goals and standards for their implementation of each of Scouting's methods. There's a range of possibilities that might be considered "normal" for each method. For example, the "norm" for a healthy outdoor program is probably 10 or so camping trips per year, maybe supplemented with some one-day events here and there. Some troops might camp a bit more, some a bit less, but will still offer a
  12. Tell me, if a boy came to your troop from a poor family, [...snip...] you would turn him away because he was not able to be in full uniform? Of course not, why would you think I would? Who had a quality program was and is NEVER determined by a full uniform. Agreed. In fact, I think I said as much in my last post... those who are on a slippery slope are those scout leaders who run their troops like despots and dictators I'm not sure I'm seeing any references to "despots and dictators" here, aside from your straw-man arguments. Is a troop that has a high standard for
  13. Baden - That's a slippery slope you're on. What are the requirements for being a Boy Scout? It's a pretty short list, right? An age requirement, a gender requirement, affiliating with a troop, etc. Not much there that correlates with the quality of the troop's program, is there? No, a uniform isn't required to be a Scout. Neither is advancement, camping, hiking, cooking, etc. But we probably wouldn't consider a troop that doesn't promote a quality advancement program, or a quality outdoors program to be a very good troop, would we? Even though they're technically not required
  14. Oh, come now. Businesses routinely pay for conferences and events for employees that are "related to [the] job... but not [the] actual job." Sure, when it's in the best interest of the business, and a responsible investment of the business's funds. The council should be paying the way for those pros who are being sent to jamboree as part of their job duties. But you can't blame the council for not paying the way for any employee who wishes to go volunteer at jambo. In fact, in keeping with a thread that's mainly lambasting councils for inappropriate ways of raising funds, and inap
  15. Backup a second... Let's say I'm a manager or director at a company, and I've hired an employee for a given job. Said employee wants to take two weeks to do something related to her job... but not her actual job. Why wouldn't I ask her to use vacation time to, well, take a vacation? I know it's popular to bash the council and national level for anything and everything, but, seriously...
  16. Not so sure about the fixation with having to measure everything only in terms of money. I continue to get more out of Scouting than I put in. I know that it's a good investment of my time. I never felt the need to try to figure it out in terms of dollars and cents.
  17. Packsaddle - You have my nomination for "Analogy of the Century." Scouting patches are to tiger testicles as viagra is to ....?
  18. Eagle - Correct. I would have to ask the PLC essentially what I posted before in this thread - "What are we telling people by entrusting them with all of this freedom, responsibility and capability, while at the same time telling them that they're not responsible enough to listen to music in their tent? Is flat-out banning electronics really the best solution to the problem? Other than in the case of a severe safety risk, should we really be confiscating another Scout's personal property?" Maybe the PLC will decide that it is in fact the best solution, given whatever unique situation i
  19. Eagle - Yes, I read your post. But I still don't agree with it.
  20. I once saw a variation on cobbler involving snickers bars, marshmellows, cake mix and pudding. Terrible for you, but tasted pretty good about 4 days into summer camp :-)
  21. It just seems to me like there's quite a contrast between telling a Scout "We're going to give you all this responsibility to run an exciting and challenging program, we're going to entrust you with making this program happen, we're going to support you in your efforts to make this happen, and we're going to do this without adults hovering over your shoulder" vs. "God help you if you bring an iPod with you, 'cuz we're going to confiscate it!"
  22. Thank you for clarifying. Think back to the last six of your Patrols that set off on individual Patrol Outings with no adult supervision. What concerns did you have, KC9DDI? To name a few: I was concerned that the patrol leader have the maturity and experience necessary to effectively lead his group. I was concerned that the patrol be adequately prepared for the activity. I was concerned that the group dynamics of the patrol be such that the PL was respected by his patrol members, and vice versa. I was concerned that the patrol collectively have the physical and mental capabilit
  23. Kudu, while I can occasionally follow some of your posts, that one didn't make any sense. Adding "born" to "Natural Leader" is the invention of our office management experts Citation needed? Which is why "Leadership Development" screws Patrol Leaders out of Green Bar Bill's position-specific "Intensive Training in the Green Bar Patrol," where the Scoutmaster spends six months (SIX MONTHS) (SIX!!!!MONTHS!!!!) personally training each Natural Leader to lead his Patrol off a cliff. It doesn't screw anybody out of anything. I said "these skills must be learned, practiced, and
  24. Technically, the local chapter of the Uniform Police would advise you that the 18 year old should wear an "adult" uniform (no rank badge, adult POR patch, etc.) Practically, I don't know if it matters that much. I would lean towards a uniform rather than a suit and tie, though. If you're worried about someone at the EBOR making a stink about it, probably check with someone on the EBOR or District Advancement Committee to see what they prefer. If you are the EBOR... I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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