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  1. Just thought I'd let everyone know how it turned out... I made a box oven with a cardboard box lined with aluminum foil. I put two pieces of firewood in there, and propped the Dutch oven off the botton of the oven on the firewood. I added about half a chimney of coals 3 times between 10 AM and 6 PM. I tried to keep the temperature at about 275F, and it varied between 150 and 350F. I spaced the coals around the oven, and placed two on the lid of the Dutch. It worked awesomely (is that a word?) -- better than in a crock pot at home. I went to try to stir the meat (it was a 6 pound ro
  2. Hi - I hope I'm asking this in the right place... I enjoy camp cooking. My mom has had a crock-pot slow-cooker for a few years, and its great for cooking. Can anyone suggest a method of cooking slow-cooker style while camping. I'm assuming a Dutch oven would be essential, maybe by placing coals in a cardboard box, and heating the Dutch indirectly? It would be great to be able to put a stew or soup on to cook in the morning, and then having it ready to eat at dinner time, without having to spend time preparing food in the evening. Any thoughts?
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