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  1. My worst experience as Cubmaster has been the pinewood derby. We had a guy bring in an EBay car but he was disqualified per our rules. Another boy asked his father which car was his. The CC heard that and the car did not race. Many others look too nice for a tiger to make, but you never know. My son took it seriously and sanded until it was somooth. He found out that if he used sandible auto primer, he got to spray paint more, so he was able to get the paint job very smooth. (notice, I said "he was able.") We print out drivers licenses for the boys and there is a statement on the b
  2. I got a kick out of everyone's comments. I too, was the patrol leader for the beaver patrol as a youth. We were going to shave our heads before summer camp but the Scoutmaster thought it would be a bad idea to bring a bunch of shaved beavers to camp. That was an akward meeting...lots of snickering. I don't see the problem with "Bear Rasslers," but I also had to get over the purist idea of only using the patches supplied at the Scout Shop. If the boys really take the name to heart, they will begin to become a better team. It is the boys' unit isn't it? I also completely agree tha
  3. I really like the survival geocaching. Nice incentive. I may have to steal that idea... To answer a couple of the questions: I would love to be able to give out patches, but they do cost money so we have to charge for them. If I can figure out how to put a picture on a post, I will put up a picture of the patch. It is a great patch. Our traditional caches range in size, so the larger ones have swag but the boys are instructed on swaping rules. We started off with a lot of stuff from the dollar store. One cache is a rubber dinosaur. Another cache has neckerchief slides that
  4. We are starting a geocaching program at our Scout Reservation. The traditional caches are set up at sites around the main part of camp that range from nanos to ammo boxes. Each cache at those sites has a write-up that tells the history of the site. Many sites are named after supporters or long-time leaders. Other sites have descriptions that explain the use of it like the OA shelter or copes course. We had 12 garmins donated to the council that we pre-programmed with the coordinates. The second choice to take is a multi-cache that requires Scout skills to finish. The boys have to
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