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  1. We didn't know about the den charges until after this had happened. Parents came to us wanting to know about their money. Only then was the committee aware of what was being charged. I will take the blame for allowing this person to bring her den to our pack. In all honesty, I believed her when she called us up wanting to leave one pack and come to ours because of how "that pack treated them". Looking BACK, I saw that it wasn't the packs' fault and this was a trend with her. Only after we had issues. Our pack never had problems specifically with her until the last six months and we did h
  2. The scout account was approx $130. It wasn't the money persay as it was her demanding it in exchange for the Eagle letters and since we had decided as a committee not to just cut a check to a scout when he leaves. It went through all of the avenues suggested above and it came down to the District and CO telling us to do what we feel is necessary. We felt that paying her the account to get the boy's letters back was the way to end this once and for all. We have learned and will not let it happen again. But, it was a painful lesson.
  3. I didn't hear much from the parents that are still in the den, but we did have several boys quit because of the amount of the dues. I didn't know this until after they had quit and was calling the families to find out what happened. (I call the boys' families periodically to check on them and see if they have any concern.) I hadn't realized they had quit until the leader told me. I called the families and they told me they quit because of the high costs. I was able to keep one family by transferring them to another den, but I know we lost at least four families over the course of two years bec
  4. Sorry, I don't know how to quote or refer to another post on here so I put it in brackets. Believe me, I thought about calling the police. But, it was already a horrible situation that was just getting ridiculous. All of the District people and CO were involved, but it came down to just doing what it took to resolve this situation. I don't know if we could have really pressed charges on her or not and for the most part, people (CO) didn't want to pursue it that far. Personally, I would have liked to have taken it further just because I feel that her behavior was so unlike what we teach th
  5. Darn, I thought I was getting to do a District position because of my experience and wealth of knowledge! LOL I didn't know it was because I could BREATHE! j/k
  6. We just recently had a situation where a den leader quit the pack and wants the money from her son's scout account. Our policy (which she voted on as well) was that we only transfer the money if the boy transfers to a pack/troop within one year of leaving the pack. She recently quit and was demanding the scout account money and would not release some of the other scout's items she had at her house until she was given the money. We literally had to have a exchange where we hand over the money and she would hand over a boy's scout items. It was pathetic that she used this boy to barter for
  7. Hello all. I am new to the board, but not new to scouting. We have had a nightmarish situation with a now former den leader. Long story short, this person blew up, cussed a lot of people, yelled at the Pastor of our CO, kicked a boy out of her den because she was mad at the parent and held onto some momentos that were sent to one of her den boys from Eagles all over the country. She refused to give them back until her demands were met when she left. Her demands have been met and we finally received the letters last night. We ended up having to concede on some of her fraudulent (as i
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