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  1. We trained hard but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form into teams, we would be re-organized. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by re-organizing; and what a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization.
  2. Wanted to bring up this subject once more. I took most of the info you gave me to the UC who brought it to my attention and he passed it on to the unit ldrs. They followed what happen on the legal side and the boy was cleared with his fingers being slapped. The boy had more problems of course with his parents that the legal side of things. Several discussions with the parents and boy were held. Time was given to make sure he stayed straight. He is now working on his Eagle project and has finished all but one MB that he needs. It was kept in the unit. Thanks for your help and a
  3. John-in-KC. In answer to your question. Beer was the cause of the DUI. I am not responding quickly to questions as I am trying to juggle several balls in the air at the same time without dropping them. I do keep dropping them and that takes longer because then I have to pick the up and start all over again. But I am still reading and passing your comments along. Thanks.
  4. Thank you all for your opinions. I have copied them and they are going to the Troop Committee members to read and think about. If I can I will let you know in the future what happen to the boy and his quest for Eagle. Again my thanks to you all for your thoughts and comments.
  5. This question came up in a Troop committee meeting and I am not sure of the answer so help me out. We have an active Scout who is 16 years of age. He attends the outdoor activities about 85% of the time. He has held several leadership positions and always done a good job. His rank in now Life Scout. He has never caused any problems in the Pack or Troop. Several weeks ago, after he got his drivers license, he was pulled over and was given a DUI. Will he be able to get his Eagle rank? The best we are getting right now from Council is for us to call National. What do you all say? T
  6. Is your training record up to date in scoutnet? What I really want to know are all the cub, boy and venture scouters training records up to date and correct in your council? If so how did they get that way. Or was there a problem and a lot of work had to be do to get them correct.
  7. Thank all of you for your responses.
  8. I just got back home from a meeting where one of the speakers was a young mother who was starting a Troop of Frontier Girls. She was at our meeting to see if we would help sponser her new Troop. I have just spent about 15 minutes on their website reading. She said that she had been a girl scout and had reached the gold award. When she went to start a girl scout unit for her daughter she was put off by the way the program had changed since she was in it. She didn't like the way the political change had taken place. Does anyone know about the Frontier Girls. They started in 2007 and h
  9. Go back to the church. The church appoints all the leaders and should appoint the unit commissioners also. I have no problem in that area once the church understands the duties of a commissioner. Do explain that the commissioner should be in that role for at least three years so they can go all the way through commissioner college.
  10. Packsaddle - Just in case you have not looked. Try n2zgu.50megs.com/DOMI.htm May you have a great life in the islands and I hope they live up to all that you want. Let us hear about what it is like. Yours in Scouting
  11. I got to get one of those toothpick holders. It could come in handy on a day to day basis.
  12. Thanks AIFansome. It's so simple where you know where to look. Yours in Scouting
  13. This weekend I was discussing the Scouting program with a friend who is not in Scouting. In the course of our conversation he asked me how many councils are in the USA. I had no idea. When I got home I googled it - got no answer. Then to the National site - no answer. Does anyone out there know or can tell me where to look to find the answer? Thanks
  14. Contact your local American Legion Post and the VFW. There are probably WWII veterans living within a mile or two of you that you don't even know exist. Most will be glad to talk to you and your son.
  15. I know that it is very early after the earthquake but does anyone have any good ideas on what we could do later to help the Scout units in Haiti. They have a Cub Scouts - 8 to 11. Boy Scouts - 11 to 17. Rovers - 18 to 22. Besides the normal scouting program they also do alot in other areas to help others in their country.
  16. Was it just me or did something happen to take the Scouter Network off for several days? I just could not get to the site.
  17. Saving money is the answere here. Remember Council is a business. Remember also that now that these units belong to your district they will also be part of your Quality Unit award. In our council we got the LFL units to be under different standards that the normal units.
  18. Per nationals website: Question: For the Star, Life, and Eagle Scout ranks, how is "Be active in your troop and patrol" defined? Answer: A Scout is considered to be active in his unit if: He is registered in his unit (registration fees are current). He has not been dismissed from his unit for disciplinary reasons. He is engaged by his unit leadership on a regular basis (Scoutmaster conference, informs the Scout of upcoming unit activities, through personal contact, and so on). The unit leaders are responsible for maintaining contact with the Scout on a regular basis. The Scout
  19. Evmori - We had a new member of the committee (he just came up from Cubs) ask the question. He has been throught YP training and saw nothing about emails/telephone calls and wanted to know if there was any set way that it was covered in YP and that he missed it. It was discussed in the meeting. I just thought that I would get some more feedback from the forum. As far as we know the unit doesn't have any problems of this nature.
  20. Evmori - This question came up at a Troop committee meeting. No one knew of anything in all the information put out by national that touched on YP and emails. I did not mention telephone calls between Scouts and Scouters but that came up also. I put the question out on the forum so I could get more feedback from experienced Scouters, which so far I have seen. Let's face it - all we want to do is protect the Scout and also the Scouter. Who knows what the next thing that will come into being in the next 10 years that we cannot even imagine today.
  21. Several times in our Troop the SM or ASM has asked the Scouts to email them about different subjects. For example: are you going on a camping trip, let me know if you are going to a MB college, tell me when you need a SM conference. In other words, miscellaneous items between meeting. My question is about youth protection. Here you have an adult dealing directly with a boy without another adult involved. Should the adult be sending a cc or bcc to another leader to protect the boy and the leader? Or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill. I could also ask the same thing about faceb
  22. OakTree - you are correct. I just printed it out and took to both Pack and Troop. Got them completed and signed. Then scanned them and emailed them in.
  23. The 2010 form is at the national site. I got it the first part of November for my units.
  24. My Troop does have a dog that does go to every event that we have. He loves camping, hiking (he made the Philmont trek) and camporees plus all summer camps. All the Troop meetings and roundtables. He is a real plus for our Troop. All the Scouts and Scouters love having him with us. He is a real member of our Troop. Javier is a brown lab and the best seeing eye dog I have ever been near. He works with our Troop Committee Chairman. We are better Troop because of him and his master.
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