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  1. Volcano (I got the Volcano 2) came last Friday. Decided to try some basic Dutch Oven cooking. I used 15 briquettes and cooked some shepards pie with it. It was cooked right and when I was done I turned it over, tapped out the ashes and with a couple of towels, wiped it out. Be aware that it comes with some preservative oil or something on it and the first time you light it up, you get some smoke. The second time we used it, no problem. So far I really like the stove, It opened easily, was fairly intuitive to use and seems like a good addition the "stuff". Ill keep after it and try something mo
  2. I decided to suck it up and order one. I ordered the Volcano 2. I saw one on ebay but decided I didnt want to wait till the end of the auction. Well take it out and give it a test drive as soon as I get it.
  3. One of my friends swears by his Volcano 2 stove. After looking at their website (www.volcano2.com) I just didnt have enough information. I liked the ability to use multi-fuels, that it collapses and comes pretty much complete. Anyone know anything about this stove or have a reccomendation? I want something that is smallish and relatively portable.
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