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  1. I have 43 proud Beavers here with me. Interestingly, my latest was given to me Saturday at Outdoor Leader Training by another staff member. Its a bobblehead beaver that she got at Bass Pro. Band of Beavers C-11-04
  2. I just wondered who determined that the light bulb needed to be changed. Was it a Committee decision or did the SM make the decision all on his own? And, shouldn't it have been up to the PLC to begin with? Was the COR aware of this decision and can the organization support the decision? (Somewhere off in the corner is the DE ready to pounce) Oh well, off to work.(This message has been edited by hunting wolf)
  3. I would think that this would be up to the Lodge. Based on past practices, in our Lodge I believe he would be allowed to do his ordeal, but would be given tasks that he could do despite his disability. It would be handled in the same way as any young man with a disability would be handled.
  4. We spent half of the first weekend working on a patrol name. Seems we just couldn't come up with one that the CD would approve. He turned down "Buck-naked Beavers" and "Beavers! Dam Builders!" and a couple of others. We finally settled on "The Band of Beavers" I used to be a Beaver... C-11-04
  5. I am a Citizenship in the Worls MB counselor and I would not accept it as a substitute. It is not the specific requirement that is asked for and it is not as though the boy can't do one of the others. I believe there is a reason that it asks for attendance at a World Jamboree, not just a National. Just mho. Thanks
  6. Again - - - just read our "bible" - - - the OA Guide to Inductions. It clearly states that it is the Lodge Unit Election Committee that is charged with notifying every unit in the Council of the election procedures, calendar, and contacts to schedule an election. Whether this is done through letter, the Chapter, or Team/Troop OA Rep is left up to the Lodge. The entire procedure is in this 1 publication from the National Lodge.
  7. I don't know where you're getting your information from. Read Chapter 2 from National OA's Guide to Inductions... It clearly states that the Lodge is responsible for conducting Unit elections. The Lodge Elections Committee is responsible for ensuring that each Chapter has a youth to manage elections in that Chapter. It also states that one of the functions of the Lodge Election Committee is to "set a time period for elections, beginning by determining the time of year when unit elections will be held". It is the Lodge Unit Election Committee that is charged with notifying every unit in t
  8. I think the question was in reference to timing. Again, check your Bylaws. Our Lodge's elections are held at summer camp. In our Lodge if a unit is going out of Council for camp, they have a May deadline to hold what we call "elsewhere elections".A Chapter election team goes to the unit's meeting to conduct the election when they are asked to. Pre-Ordeal is held on Thursday night at Summer camp except for those that go to camp "out of Council". Their Pre-Ordeal is held on the Friday night that begins either the Fall Reunion or the Spring Conclave. Our main Ordeal is held at our Fall Reuni
  9. I would ask for a copy of the Lodge's Bylaws. The election process should be spelled out in that document.
  10. Still seeking input. Anybody have any "words of wisdom"? Thanks
  11. I know what you mean SWScouter. I will be recieving my beads tomorrow afternoon at our Lodge's Fall Reunion. Having been in Scouting since 1962 as a Cub Scout I feel that I've reached a pinnacle. I just wish I could have gone earlier to also experience the "old" course. Still proud of what I've accomplished so far and anxious to continue putting the things learned to good use to give the guys the same, or better, experience that I've had. Proud to finally be a part of this Scouting family I used to be a Beaver... C-11-04(This message has been edited by hunting wolf)
  12. This can be found at http://www.mninter.net/~blkeagle/oasash.htm "The Order of the Arrow sash is worn with the official scout uniform or Scouting's official adult dress wear (a blue blazer and gray slacks). The sash also may be worn by Elangomats who are not in uniform at an Ordeal, youth wearing ceremonial attire, and in such other instances as approved by the Scout Executive. The sash is worn over the right shoulder so that the arrow is pointing over the right shoulder. The sash is worn diagonally across the chest. It is not worn in any other manner... The sash is worn at Order of th
  13. This is similiar to a thread that was recently up here. I agree that the sash is worn for official OA events, but that includes many things. For example, if a youth is the Troop/Team Representative and is at a COH to fulfill that capacity he can wear his sash. When the boys in our Lodge go to Troop meetings to make Camp Promotion presentations, they wear their sashes. At our monthly Roundtable the OA does the opening and the boys are expected to wear their sashes. These are a few examples from our Lodge.(This message has been edited by hunting wolf)
  14. As a ever-present observer, often to intimidated to say much, I find that now I must ask - - - "Why are you guys making fun of my ex-wife's lips??????????????" She only had the surgery to make her look better.
  15. Shawnee 51 Tapped out 1968 Beaumont Scout Reservation Brotherhood 1972
  16. I have set up both a Yahoo group and a MSN group for our Lodge's Dance Team. Both are member only sites so anyone wanting access to either must first be approved by me. Yahoo is good. A little easier to access and offers 20 mb of storage. I like some of the features, management control, and look of the msn site better, but it only offers 3 mb of storage without purchasing additional storage. The cost is minimal though. A lot of our members are having problems getting access. A lot of computers see the messages sent as junk or bulk mail, so folks need to be aware to look in those folders
  17. I am the advisor for the Shawnee Lodge Dance Team and I am trying to find other Dance Teams to communicate with. Ours is mirrored with a Venture Crew to take care of the financial part of it. Many issues have arisen and I would like to exchange ideas. Some of those are - How to attract more youth How to handle practices/performances in such a large council Temporary regalia for new boys Do you have a drum and how is that working How do you ensure you're being true to native american culture and traditions etc, etc, etc, Can we create a lsit of all Dance Teams across
  18. I would second the S-F Scout Ranch recomendation. It has everything you said you're looking for and more. They have an older scout program as well as a Ranger program, which is seperated. It becomes more of a high adventure experience. Contact me if you want more personal info WWW
  19. Hey madkins007. Where can I find those official BSA rules and regulations? I really need them. Thanks
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