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  1. I am pretty open to trading as well. I have access to both Circle 10 and Longhourn CSPs, as well as some other Texas ones in the Scoutfitter. Email me at andrews@rbacomm.com if you would like to trade. I do like to get threes of things since I have two sons. Brad
  2. Drop me a line at andrews@rbacomm.com and lets see if we can setup a trade. Brad
  3. The badge signup form does say you have to register every year, but it doesn't say that it has to be that form. It just indicates Scout registration. I had our Scoutmaster and others tell me since I am still an active scouter, I am ok. I just want to make sure. If national policy is different, why doesn't the form say that? Could anyone quote the policy? Brad
  4. If I am a registered leader every year, do I have to reregister to be a merit badge counselor each year, or is my initial application and ongoing BSA registration sufficient? Brad
  5. I learn something new every day it seems. I have never heard of stuffing a tent before. It goes against the grain for sure! But it does seem reasonable, and much easier to get in the bag that way (perhaps). it would come out wrinkled, but I don't think you get style points for a tent. Brad
  6. Have they split any councils recently? I know about several combinations, but I don't recall hearing of any splits. Brad
  7. While the male has a choice of his emotional/time involvement after birth, his liability or control over things like child support are totally in the hands of the female. If she decides to raise the child, he is then liable to support the child, and that is being enforced more and more. Brad
  8. We need to be cautious before "blaming God" for things like that mentioned above. Just because he works through things doesn't mean He causes them. Too many people think God is micro-managing evil in this world for some grand purpose. Things that would get a human thrown into jail are freely attributed to God, and that is not right. As to being glad that your son's birth mother had sex outside marriage - that is really not wise. Just because the outcome was "good" doesn't mean the method to get there was good. She will now have a child she doesn't have a "mother" connection to for th
  9. He is also obviously a troll.... Brad
  10. Sctmom, I thought I explicitely commented on "relatives" and thus got around the problem. I am sorry if it wasn't clear. I probably could/should have said, "it does not include a number of adults not already related." Would that be better? BTW, I was raised pretty much by a single mother, and while she did the best she could, I know first hand that it is not the best way. Another comment, while no families are "perfect" in the way the Cleavers were, it is sad that we are so cynical today that any family that seems good automatically receives contempt by some because
  11. The family is the core unit of society and should be supported (by minimal interference) every way possible. (Without, of course, major danger to the members, though that can be a can of worms.) In the ideal, a family consists of a father and mother, along with a number of children. It may consist of a single parent, but not some other combination of adults. Extended families may include other relatives. Sacrifice for your children is vitally important, your needs are not more important, though they do not need to be sacrificed to worship your children either. That's all that come
  12. It amazes me how arrogant many "rule nazis" can be. I have dealt with a few, and I see signs of such here. We need to realize that it is completely possible to disagree about the exact meaning of some rules. The idea is a solid program for the boys, not following the tablets sent down from high. In many ways it reminds me of a religious dispute. Both areas have written "rules," but the interpretation and application of them involves much disputing, unfortunately. Instead of assuming those who disagree are the lowest level of slime, realize that while we may disagree strongly, we
  13. The only duplicate positions you can be officially registered for is Charter Organization Rep and Committee Chair. Being on different positions on different committees would only be a problem when you run out of "another hour a week." Brad
  14. Reality and the documents often look at things from a far different vantage point. "The rules" can be used to manipulate just as much as any "controlling Scoutmaster." I know that from first hand experience. I would caution against an attitude of "I have superior knowledge" in any online forum, or in life for that matter. While it may be true, it is very prideful, and pride comes before a fall. I also have found that many times being "right" is not so important as working with people - a key element of Scouting. This doesn't mean we ignore the rules, but some things are truly mor
  15. Yarrow, I doubt many 15-17 year old Eagles consciously tried for that. I would think most either just weren't motivated for the final step, or got a late start in Scouts. I recall getting mine when I was 15 (I would have to dig out the records for sure), but that was a limitation of time limits, as well as a bit of poking on my part I suppose. Though I did miss a good chunk of my first possible year as a Boy Scout for some personal reasons. My oldest will be 13 in April, and just got his life. If he makes his Eagle this year, which will be up to him, it won't be a "paper eagl
  16. What purpose would that registration be? The Venture crew forms the board of reviews for Star and Life, with the Eagle being done by the council as normal. The Venturing-specific training clearer did not list being a member of a Boy Scout troop as a requirement to acheive Eagle while in Venutring. If I can remember to do so, I will try to find a reference from the Venturing Leaders Manual. I would be interested to find anything official stating it the other way, especially something from National. Brad
  17. I believe that is referring to the metal awards, not the patch. Though it may not be "legit," I have seen quite a few Eagles on Venturing uniforms, and I haven't seen that many Venturing uniforms! Plus, in Venturing, the "uniform" is much more flexible than in Boy Scouts. Each crew picks their own. Brad
  18. You are right, the "youth" age of Venturing is 14 to just before 21. The training I just went through emphasized that once they turned 21, they couldn't "fraternize" (date) the other youth, which is something that can happen if an older boy (typically) is dating a younger girl and both are in the troop. I was off by a year, so shoot me. Oops, that is against the G2SS. Brad
  19. Would it be great to keep older youth active? Of course. Will it always happen? Of course not. In fact I would venture that it is more likely to lose the youth permanently if you try and motivate them strictly with the "high ideals" of helping the troop. While that remains a powerful factor, appealing to their own interests will help far more boys. Brad
  20. He might be able to wear it on a Venturing uniform since he would still be a "youth" in that program. Brad
  21. And nothing says a boy has to work on badges with other Scouts. I worked on very few of mine in groups. Of course I would be surprised if a boy got to Eagle without working with others on several badges, but many boys are just not motivated for merit badges alot of the time, and a boy who wants to go beyond the basics will frequently have to work on his own. (Under the guidelines of the G2SS, but that doesn't require another boy work on it, just that at least 2 youth are present when with the counselor.) Brad
  22. That would be "until they are 22." Though I prefer the "14-21" description myself. Venturing could work very well for such boys. I wish National hadn't named the venture patrol so similar to the Venture Crew, since both are similar, but different enough to make for some confusion. Brad
  23. I see a bit of danger in trying to mask the problem with "too busy with other things" and such. It needs to be confronted head-on, in an appropriate manner. Even your son could understand doing the right thing if put in age appropriate terms. It may not be comfortable, but you are not the one making an inappropriate environment. I know my sons, if they were that age, would be out in a heartbeat, and I am a much firmer disciplinarian than most. Brad
  24. Yarrow, Otherwise that late (17 year old) Eagle kinda loses out You could say the same thing for 17 year old Life, or even Tenderfoot for that matter. The time requirements are there for a reason. Someone who starts later, or even just completes a stage later, will not get the same rewards, in general, as someone who starts earlier. Brad
  25. I imagine I will be facing that very problem soon, since our churh (where I will be starting a new troop in the fall) is in the middle of a very hispanic neighborhood. We have services in both english and spanish already. I see it as a good challenge, especially since I got a lot of "male role modeling" from Scouts when I grew up with a largely absent father. I would be interested in what you find out. Feel free to email me at andrews@rbacomm.com. Brad
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