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  1. featherswillfly

    solving an Eagle project problem

    Our Unit has a problem with well meaning people coming up with Eagle projects and then also getting all the stuff to do the project then just handing it to the scout. It puts the scout in a very difficult position. This is great by their thinking but takes away from the scout and what he needs to do and experience as a leader. We need some sugestions as to how to handle well meaning groups and individuals. We have explained the process and the benefits of the Eagle process to these people to no avail. Please help us.
  2. featherswillfly

    How many posters are BSA trained?

    I didn't feel that it was a "contest", nor do I get the sense anyone else did either.
  3. featherswillfly

    How many posters are BSA trained?

    Is the point your trying to make that people should go through training again to be updated on changes? I agree. I am also Cub leader Trained, Had my Scoutmaster Fundamentals Training, and Commissioner Trained. Your poll should be so you can check more than one. Many of us wear or have worn more than one hat. Feathers
  4. featherswillfly

    Internet Stalking (It's Happened to us)

    Thank you everyone for your help and suggestions. I have my own suggestion which I hope to try myself at the next Youth Protection Program that I do. I will find a person who knows about firewalls and other ways to block unwanted people from getting to our children. A much more competent computer person than I. Hopefully give parents yet another tool to protect their kids. Featherswillfly
  5. featherswillfly

    size 48 to give away

    Looking for the right person. I have 2 pairs of official Boy Scout shorts size 48.
  6. featherswillfly

    Is the

    What are you looking for? I have some uniforms to give away for just the postage. Please be specific. I don't want to send them if their not needed. I would like to give them to the boys who need them. ajlascko@yahoo.com
  7. featherswillfly

    Merit Badge Sash

    sctmom Sorry to change your subject but did I see on another post you were looking for scout pants. I may be able to help you.
  8. featherswillfly

    How Many Uniforms?

    OGE If you or anyone else for that matter need a uniform let me know. I can find it for you no charge. I have many shirts given to me by the bag full. Most come from the Goodwill or Salvation Army and they won't sell them. All I need is an address.
  9. featherswillfly

    Girls and Drivers Licences

    I may have asked the questions wrong. I'm not worried about losing a boy in scouting. What I meant was when girls, licences, sports, academics, and jobs all come into a young mans life, which usually is around the magical age of 16, it's a fair statement to say the young man should be as far advanced as possible. By being aleast to a life rank by his 16th birthday or a junior in high school, the young man will still have 2 years to work on his Eagle. My point was to get the boys to have their time consuming merit badges done before they get to the age where outside activies become a little more attractive to them than scouts. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough. We do expect boys to stay to their 18th birthday and beyond. Also we have never expected boys and families to choose between scouts and anything else. We too have boys showing up after games and practices in their uniforms. That has never been a problem. The boys struggle with not having enough time for everything. That is why we tell parents try to have your sons to the highest rank you can before girls, cars, sports, school, and jobs.
  10. featherswillfly

    Girls and Drivers Licences

    This is just a question along the same lines as being a 1st Class Scout in the first year. It's been my experience as a scout mom, leader, and Committee Chair, that it's a pretty good idea to have your scout as far advanced as you can get them (Star-Life) before girls and the licence comes into play. Once these two things enter a boys life and mind the rest is set aside, or is at the very least slowed down to a crawl. Next thing you know the boy is coming up on his 18th birthday. This is not true for all boys but it does happen. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? And has this happened to anyone else?
  11. Ahh hey guys, Please be very careful with the profiling. In light of what my family has just gone through (read Internet stalking, will we really know that person or can someone just make up what they want. I know it's Scouting but please be very careful, there has been a couple of unsavory people here already. They have been taken off quickly, but my point is you've already given them information in your profile, it's to late. Sorry to be so cautious. I'm a little gun shy right now. feathers
  12. featherswillfly

    Internet Stalking (It's Happened to us)

    Hopfully the end is nearing for this eye opening experience. Along with my daughter we decided to serve harassment papers on the young man. The parents of him were very surprised and dissappointed in their son. The son actually did this at another friends home implicating another friend and family. What an effect this has had on a number of families. The school is working closely with the families. The kids and parents are going into a counseling session on tolerance. This whole situation came about from kids intolerance with each other, and it got out of control. This is being done on my request. The kids are not happy about it. The officer told my daughter that there were families out in Colorado that would love to have a second chance. She listened. April is our Troops month to do Youth Protection and I am the committee member responsible for it. You can bet I will be pushing internet safety hard!! I have to say though I am a bit dissapointed in the cyberlawenforcment, cyberangels, and AOL. I got no responses from any of them. It makes you wonder if they are out there.
  13. featherswillfly

    Internet Stalking (It's Happened to us)

    I did go to the State Police. They were at my home yesterday and took the information we had. My daughter had the mind to save her conversation with this person. The officer called me within 2 hours and eased my mind as far as the gun. He spoke with the father and they had no such thing. The father also said it sounded like his son. To back up a bit and tell you how we found out it was this young man who by the way goes to school with my daughter and is in her classes, the children were the ones who found out. They were angry that someone would do this. And they talked. We listened. The officer went back and spoke with the young man and he admitted to the actions. On Sunday the officer is coming to speak with my daughter and we will decide what charges to press. I have to thank all of you who gave me support. I have to tell you though I still have not heard fron either the cyberlawenforcement or cyberangels, as far AOL they won't release any information without a written document from the police. But they never acknowledged me either. Again thanks guys and I hope everyone who reads this takes away something. Be careful out here. Feathers
  14. featherswillfly

    Internet Stalking (It's Happened to us)

    Today has been a very long day. No one has responded to our pleas for help. The school says it didn't happen at school so it's out of their hands. No word fron AOL or the cyberlawenforcement. I just sent out 2 more letters to the cyberangels. Thanks guys for the tips. The kids were talking at school today and all this evening and they think they have figured out who it is. Their mad at this person. I don't know if I'm sending my daughter to school tommorrow. This stalker claims to have a "cougar mag" which I assume is some type of gun. I may head to the police depts. myself rather than trust the schools. When I asked the asst. principal how she planned on protecting my daughter she said she couldn't. Where do I go from here?
  15. featherswillfly

    Internet Stalking (It's Happened to us)

    Thank you Voyageur. I just came from this site. I have reported our problem to them and we are waiting for a response. I am also going to her school today. We are not letting this go. Again thank you. feathers