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  1. Moderates lost in 2010. From both parties. The teaparty bagged the moderate GOPers in the primary. Leftists remained in office. See Pelosi, Frank, Reid. The public didn't like the rebranded GOP healthcare plan. I don't either, but its better than allowing the health insurance companies rule my life. It wasn't arrogance, it was ignorance. Ignorance that the American people wanted change and they got republican lite.
  2. Vol you are so correct. Obama and the democrats decided to re-brand a republican health care plan (the Romney and Dole plan) and try to shove it down our throats. He failed to pass something the people really supported, single payer health care. He failed to trust his instincts and capitulated to the lies the republicans and the insurance lobby threw against him. I think the public saw through that and chucked them out in 2010. They didn't vote FOR the republicans, they voted against the moderate dems who didn't give us single payer. Obama's biggest failure, running right instead of le
  3. Yes, of course Obama's connected, to terrorists. He's always paling around with them. So I heard. I too saw the faux pas with the gun, sorry, firearm. Why would such a seasoned hunter use a firearm so clearly out of alignment when another firearm was zeroed in and available? Seems that she might not be the outdoorsman some might portray her at. Dare I say, she may use store bought moose meat in her famous stew. May I use a description Mitt Romney used for Sarah, she's remarkable!
  4. Forgot the biggest failure. Obama has failed to understand that republicans will not cooperate with him and are only interested in making sure he has no successes and a one term president.
  5. Obama has failed... to turn a 700,000 per month job loss into a 900,000 per month job loss. to invade another country or even threaten one. to allow two thirds of the domestic auto industry to fail. to allow the US economy to self correct it's way out of an impending devastating depression. to live up to the republican label of being a socialist by passing a retreaded republican healthcare plan. to engage in high crimes and misdemeanors, denying the republicans a reason impeach him. to allow terrorists to attack and kill our countrymen, denying the tea party
  6. The reason Ivy League educations are notable is that there are really only two ways to get into them. Be exceptionally smart, or exceptionally connected. Consider the tale of three men, one is the son of a prominent politician, nationally known, family extremely well off and very influential. He's the product of the best private prep schools money can buy. The other two men are the sons of single mothers with absolutely no family influence. Their only chance at an Ivy League education is to stand out academically. Be real smart and do well on their scholastic testing. Hope for
  7. We are in a race for the bottom. Unless we have a level playing field, we cannot be competitive. If Walmart can source a widget for one cent cheaper than one made here, they are going to buy the imported one. Unless the sourcing nations follow the same rules we do here, we will always be more expensive and non-competitive. As soon as we restrict our companies from dumping raw industrial sewage into our waterways, demand they put scrubbers on their smokestacks, require them to clean up their messes, recognize our human rights, we've lost the battle.
  8. You don't bring a knife to a gun fight. If we want to become industrially competitive, we must lower our standards to our enemy. The slums of India, China, Indonesia and the Philippines must be our new standard of living for the worker class. We cannot sustain our current lifestyles and remain competitive with them.
  9. "preposterous image of an electric airplane" You luddites! I've seen the future and it is now. At the shop where my airplane was being serviced, a Cessna 172 was being converted to electric. My club donated the hull, my mechanic was doing the work. Has the backing of Cessna. I sat in it. It is real. http://www.byeenergy.com/pages/green-flight-main.html At Oshkosh this year, the major theme was electric aircraft. In fact, just yesterday, one made its maiden first flight. http://www.sonexaircraft.com/press/releases/pr_120310.html Not as preposterous as you mig
  10. Pack, losing my genitals in an industrial accident would not cause me to alter my sexuality. I'm pretty sure about that.
  11. Defining sexuality as only behavior is like thinking being left handed is only a behavior. Left handed people must choose to be left handed. They could easily be right handed if they just altered their behavior.
  12. Wanna be competitive against China? Eliminate the minimum wage. Eliminate child labor laws. Eliminate environmental laws. Eliminate health and safety regulations. Eliminate collective bargaining. That would make us competitive again and bring us back to the good old days when we dominated the industrial world before 1920.
  13. I wouldn't call a J.D., Magna Cum Laude, HARVARD LAW SCHOOL, or a B.A., Political Science, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY an inadequate education, but I know what you mean. Obama is a handsome man, but doesn't give me the tingles like Sarah does.
  14. Gotta agree with Vol there Beav. Surrounding yourself with the best and brightest people will offset abject inexperience, misguided wisdom, inadequate education and a general lack of intellectual curiosity. However, a lack of beauty and stage presence can not be offset. That's why Sarah is such a driving force in the Republican party. She's drop dead gorgeous. Nobody can fake that. She's genuine.
  15. Vol, You make it sound like a palin presidency would be a bad thing. And if it occurred it would be my ilk's fault. Don't you think palin would make a great president?
  16. Nonsense. Feeding energy back into the grid reduces the requirement for power plants to run at peak capacity. It allows them to throttle back when the multitude of producers are able to generate. It then can pick up the slack when they don't. Like at night. Sure, the grid isn't a capacitor to store energy, its more of a capacitor to share it and soften the demand spikes. I know, I know. Sharing is a bad word and socialistic. Never mind.
  17. If leaking Plame's identity potentially endangered her or any of her associates, would you consider that treason? Is that better or worse than the PFC's treason?
  18. I'm very thankful that the eldest daughter has found success entertaining the masses with her dancing and in this reality show. Many girls in her situation end up supporting their young families on the public dole. She's broken from that and demonstrated she can support herself and her young son without a husband or living in shame off the parents or welfare. The Palin clan are an inspiration to all of us.
  19. Mega Dittos, Beavah. What I find interesting is the same folk who are calling for this Army PFC's execution for treason, are the same folk who were defending the leaking of Valorie Plame's secret CIA identity.
  20. How about the budgets signed by the presidents?
  21. Count me on board for the Fair Tax, but eliminate all tax loopholes and deductions, even for charitable organizations. Adjust the Fair Tax annually to meet annual budgets.
  22. So letting the tax cuts expire will cost every single American lots of money, but the revenue won't increase what the government collects? Right? I guess that increase tax revenue will just evaporate or to into paying for $200 million dollar/day Obama vacations.
  23. We've had those cuts for 10 years. The jobs aren't here. Must not be related. Let them all expire. It's best not to respond to these terrorist style tactics.
  24. Gosh Beav, Brent's right. You are turning into a liberal. Welcome aboard!
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