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  1. More balderdash. The death tax is just stupid. Its income tax. When you get money, that's income. Tax it at the rate you qualify for. Who gives a rat how you got it. You got it. Its income. Tax it as whether you got it from working your tail off at the car wash or if grandma took a dirt nap. Being part of the lucky sperm club doesn't exempt you. Its income to you, tax it for what it is.
  2. Don't you worry, I'm always up to speed. Try to keep up! You seem to think I like the ACA (sorry, Obummercare). There are some provisions I like, some make sense, but mostly I don't like it and don't think its workable. I'm only trying to catapult the propaganda (sorry, FoxNews facts) you and Vol fling about it. Its a republican plan. Presented as a counter to Hillarycare (see, I can play) back in 1994 and passed in Massechusets by Romney in 2006. You both seem to ignore that fact. It will never achieve what it was sold to do, like most republican plans. Its a give away to the i
  3. You know Brent, I actually went to that link and watched the entire segment, then read the article too. Did you? It seemed to me to be pretty positive and factual on ACA, sorry "Obamacare". Sure they did mention the .2 percent increase in costs, but also explained all the new benefits. I'm sure you just zeroed in on the increased costs and tuned out the rest of the information presented. Explains a lot.
  4. Brent, your Jedi skills are not strong. Huffpost is neither my favorite nor a news source. You see, I know the difference between news and opinion. I will say that you have a lot in common with your liberal co-workers. None of you have any idea what's actually in the Affordable Care Act. I'd have the drinking water and air quality checked in your building if I were you.(This message has been edited by gernblansten)
  5. "Obamacare"! I don't know what that is. I don't watch FoxNews.
  6. Ok Vol, I think I see the problem here. I thought we were debating the "Affordable Care Act", but you are debating "Obamacare". I don't watch FoxNews, so I'm at a bit of a disadvantage here on what Obamacare is. I have read summaries and sections of the ACA and find your "Obamacare" and the ACA have very little in common. EX: Nowhere in the ACA does it say physicians will not be able to even offer anything other than the prescribed by the government treatments. Obamacare is a fabrication of the right wing, filled with fabrications and broadcast on FoxNews and right wing politica
  7. got any polls from the "left wing" that state "Obamacare" is unfavorable?
  8. "Thus, the polls have a consistent shown a lack of support for Obamacare which is only a crude view of the public opinion. However, when combined with the summer of 2009 town hall meetings and the recent election results, the polls seem to reflect the views of the voting public. " Only if you filter your sources to right wing propoganda sources. Fox and Freaks? Get serious. Cite a left wing source (basically anything besides FoxNews) that supports your views, and you would have some credibility.
  9. I don't doubt Boehner's tears are genuine. He seems clearly moved and emotional. Much like many are at the end of happy hour.
  10. I think we all need to put "Reefer Madness" in our Netflix queue and get back to the forum with our findings.
  11. Do you happen to know how much corporate income tax Exxon/Mobile paid last year?
  12. That's the freeloader solution. I don't like freeloaders.
  13. Pack, that hurt my feelings. I think I'm going to be sad. Maybe we should chug on over to namby pamby land and find some self confidence for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhlWddAXSRA
  14. Everytime I see the orange man sob, I can't get the vision of the Cowardly Lion out of my head. "Somebody stepped on my tail! WAHHHHHH!"
  15. Tell you what, here's the deal... You worry about making sure Saudi Kings and the ultra rich have access to the best health care their money can buy. I'll worry about making sure every American has access to basic health care without worrying about being financially ruined.
  16. I'll tell you why Saudi kings come to America for healthcare. America has the best care money can buy. If you have the money, come here! Unfortunately, that isn't the case for the grocery store clerk working part time without health insurance and his kid has type 1 diabetes. Or the factory worker who lost his job in the economic downturn and his daughter has a medical condition that qualifies as a pre-existing condition and is denied coverage when he sells his family inheritance to pay for private healthcare. Yes, if you are a Saudi king, you come to America, the land of opportunity!
  17. They need to man up and put their man pants back on.
  18. The problem with employer-offered plans is it insulates the end consumer of the true cost of the service. If employees had to purchase insurance independently from their employers (like car insurance), they would probably demand much more for the cost they realize or jump to competitors. Hiding a portion of those costs and offering limited options keeps the demands of the insurance providers down and keeps scared employees indentured to their masters. Not a very free market solution where competition can weed out inefficient and unfair providers.
  19. Probably also coorelates to the explosive growth in the "tos" food group. Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos, Tostitos....
  20. BS-87, competition will keep costs in check. It's a fundemental component of capitalism.
  21. You know, this whole problem could be resolved with a simple control and I'm really quite surprised it isn't already in place. Create an official BSA order form that has a receipt for the customer. Pressure sensitive (carbon copy) the cubbie tears off and gives to the little old lady. It has the Pack contact info on it and is proof to her she ordered and paid (if checked) for the corn. If the customer is scammed, they have proof to the pack that they paid. No tickie, no cornie.
  22. "What will be the premium cost for the average family that the government will have to pick up?" We already pay for this through increased insurance premiums and health care costs. The current losers in the existing system are us schmucks who dutifully pay for our private insurance to cover the increased costs of providing health care for the freeloaders. The tax simply transfers the costs to those who choose to not be insured. The freeloaders.
  23. "Taxes usually cover government services." The tax would be collected to offset health care costs for the uninsured. It would be assessed on all citizens with an exemption for the insured. So it would be a government service. How is that different than Social Security or Medicare taxes? Are those also unconstitutional?
  24. So Brent, do you agree that simple wordsmithing will resolve the constitutional issues? Call it a tax as it is. But allow a tax exemption for those with private insurance. That seems constitutional.
  25. What if a very unscrupulous family went on Ebay and bought a cub scout uniform. Then created an official looking order sheet for popcorn, dressed up their son and went out collecting orders and money. They have no intention of fulfilling those orders, just scamming people. Do the local Cub packs have any responsibility to honor those orders for fear of bad press?
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