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  1. "The anger has been building for years. It started coming to a head under President Bush because he spent too much. " NO IT DIDN'T come to a head under Bush. It came to a head after the first black man was elected president. The birth of the Teaparty happened after the election. You teapartiers would have more credibility had you expressed your anger before B. Hussein Obama took the oath of office. You cannot re-write history. Face it, had McCain won, the TeaParty would not exist.
  2. I saw alot of Obama signs with a bone through his nose. Another popular one was watermelons on the WH lawn. Those are kinda racist. Now all the signs with Obama in Nazi uniform or Stalin symbolism isn't racist, its just moronic. SOCIALIST! NAZI! MUSLIM! KENYAN! And you want to be taken seriously? Why was the anger hatched on Jan 20th, 2009? Where was it when Bush bailed out the banks, when the Patriot Act was passed, when we started two unfunded wars, when we passed the Medicare drug plan? Where was the anger? What was the tipping point?
  3. I guess part of the perception is that all those teapartiers weren't angry before Jan 20th, 2009 when we only had white presidents.
  4. I don't think the party as a whole is racist. However, I think racists would be very comfortable in that party. And its clear from some of their protest signs, most of the non-racist tea party members have no problem with their racist members.
  5. "The Middle, socially liberal & fiscally conservative, has no representation." They exist, they are the RINOs. You teapartiers have bagged them.
  6. Sorry, Bush has some responsibility standing in front of a White House manufactured and placed sign, to deliver a speech declaring victory in Iraq, after doing a staged jet landing on a stationary aircraft carrier 30 miles off shore, delaying the sailors reunion with their families for two days for a photo-op. We all know he didn't sit down and finger paint the sign. But his staff did. And if he wasn't aware of it, it just further enforces my opinion of him.
  7. I'll say Bush didn't lie, but he did catapult the propaganda. Spoken from a proud son of a Korean War veteran field cook. (buried at Ft. Logan National Cemetary)(This message has been edited by gernblansten)
  8. The post following JoeBob's directly refutiated his. You want anwsers? I want the truth! You can't handle the truth!
  9. For those of you who might think extending the tax cuts to the millionaires will create jobs, well they have those cuts now. Where are the jobs?
  10. I'll see your wiki, and raise you a wiki. The White House claimed that the banner was requested by the crew of the ship, who did not have the facilities for producing such a banner. Afterward, the administration and naval sources stated that the banner was the Navy's idea, White House staff members made the banner, and it was hung by the U.S. Navy personnel. White House spokesman Scott McClellan told CNN, "We took care of the production of it. We have people to do those things. But the Navy actually put it up."[8] According to John Dickerson of Time magazine, the White House later concede
  11. "but why not go ahead and cut the easy parts first - no time lost - no major arguments/fights over them " The problem with that is you are just going after the low hanging fruit and not really solving the problem. But you know after they take that fruit away, they will claim victory and never really make the hard choices. We will continue happily overspending into oblivion. The result will be we didn't improve the situation and only made miserable the lives for those few who were depending on that low hanging fruit to survive.
  12. Interesting take Woapalanne. The speech Bush gave on the aircraft carrier with the "Mission Accomplished" banner behind him was to announce combat operations in Iraq had ended, aka Mission Accomplished. Not the mission for the ship, but for the entire military exercise in Iraq. Ever see one of these banners on any other ship returning to port?
  13. Perhaps she only went as far in her term as governor as she had planned too.
  14. I heard she quit half way up mckinnley. Seemed predictable.
  15. AA does not require a belief in a high being to be member, its just part of their program. The BSA could learn a lot from them.
  16. Interesting. Welcome aboard. However, you should know I'm not a lurker. I'm an active BSA volunteer and have been for many years. Why is it a shame when the youth we lead actually follow through with public service? I just don't understand that? I'm not shamed by it. I'm proud of it.
  17. Why is that a shame? The girls are out doing their service. That's the goal isn't it? Is it a shame because that service isn't being marketed as a GSA activity?
  18. I just read that the TeaParty is putting incumbent Republicans on notice. No comprimise on anything, or face a TP challenge in the primary. They are already going after Oren Hatch for Pete's sake. Well, they've played their hand. Its their way or the highway. Cooperation and negotiation is for pansies. I guess the rest of America should just cower in the corners and hope the new overlords are kind to them. There's a new sheriff in town, and its name is the TeaParty! Too bad really. I remember when the Republicans had a big tent platform. The teaparty will now burn down the
  19. In my opinion, the TeaParty movement is a bunch of bumper sticker sloganeers who just want to vent after their Republican party ran the country into a ditch. They offer no solutions, only slogans. Just listen to any Sarah speech. Its a word salad of conservative buzzwords and phrases. Even their prime candidate, Rand Paul, has back tracked on his campaign promise to cut pork. Days after the election, he said he'll work hard to make sure Kentucky gets their fair share of pork. Man that must infuriate them. Is Rand now a RINO?
  20. I was a bit surprised and disappointed when he admitted to ordering torture. I know desperate times require desperate measures. But some things are best left to speculation. I hope Obama sees fit to pardon him, and soon, before this explodes. Our country just needs to move on from that lowpoint in our history and heal.
  21. Us Americans only consider giant solutions. Walk down any coastal marina and see little wind generators on nearly every stern rail of the yatchs. About 3 ft in diameter and quietly charging the ships batteries. Now of course, it won't run a blender or microwave, but it is generating juice. They cost under $1000. If every home had one, back feeding the grid (think of the grid as a giant capacitor), it could be a part of the solution.
  22. Come on Brent, the Mr. Fusion of the second movie powered the flux capacitor. Like the lighting bolt did in the first movie. Don't get me started on the scientific flaws of the third movie. We are doomed if you guys can't get this straight. Its the flux capacitor that allows time travel. Not the power source.
  23. There is no real energy solution. Just options. It will need to be a blend of new tech, old tech, conservation and priorities. World is gonna get a lot more interesting in the coming decades. BTW, us westerners don't deep fry our meat, if we even eat it, its grilled and properly appointed with lots of fresh veggies.
  24. I've used my JetBoil below zero. It took almost 10 minutes to bring the 2 cups of water to a boil. I also take my JB whenever I backpack, just to make coffee in the morning. The crew stove is usually being used for food and I like my coffee. But for pure BTU output on a cold day, liquid fuel rules.
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