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  1. If you aren't doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.
  2. I don't look at my voter registration card as identification. Its more of a receipt. Proof that someone with my name registered to vote, that's about it. It really doesn't identify me or prove my identity. It proves that the person who's name is on the card is registered. Rather worthless when trying to prove identity. But back to implanted RFID chips. Think of the benefits. With properly placed receivers, linked to a massive central database, one could easily be identified for criminal investigations. Or just as easily eliminated from suspicion. Missing persons would be a thing o
  3. So Obama gets a pass from this point on?
  4. If the democrats are tax and spend, why do their administrations historically do better at controlling the debt? Why do republicans do so bad? REALLY? Look at the numbers! Why do the Teapartiers align themselves with the republicans? Are they just bad at history?
  5. At the time my son joined, we offered him all opportunities he wanted. Pee-wee soccer, piano lessons, art classes, then his friends wanted him to join as Cub scout. He liked it, we supported it.
  6. But the president sets the agenda and signs the budgets.
  7. But Beavah, Yes, this is a state matter and should be heard in state court. But this was a federal judge issuing the restraining order. He has no jurisdiction to do so here. That was activism wasn't it? If Miller screwed up and filed in the wrong venue, too bad, so sad. He should have just denied hearing it.
  8. The other Philmont was Double H. It was a temporary program run by Philmont on a parcel of land leased from Mountain Elk Foundation. It was located southeast of Albuquerque. Our troop sent a crew there a few years ago when they couldn't get a slot at Philmont. It was much more primitive than the traditional Philmont, but offered a similar experience. I think in 2009, they lost the lease and operations ceased. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_H_High_Adventure_Base
  9. So, based on previous presidental records, why do the Teapartiers align with republican ideals? They clearly don't have a track record of fiscal responsibility? Are tax cuts and spend the right path?
  10. One benefit on being on a common currency is that you are all in it good or bad. Lots of outside interest to keep you solvent and help you out. Downside is sovereignty. But lots of sovereign nations cease to exist.
  11. One of my past bosses was a Mormon. We traveled on business together alot. I really respected him and enjoyed his camaraderie. At one dinner, we discuss polygamy and I asked him, as a Mormon, what he thought of the issue. He aptly stated, "Why on earth would you want more than one mother-in-law?" I agreed thoroughly.
  12. Actually, my voter registration card is not issued by the state but by my county clerk and recorder. So, how do all the states agree on a standard for identification? If they all get together and agree, isn't that by definition a Federal standard?
  13. With all the talk about returning to fiscal responsibility, its interesting looking back at the past 5 presidents and their record on debt and deficit. From the Rachel Maddow show....(I know, she has the gay on her and must be perverted, but she is a Rhodes Scholar) http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35136092/ns/msnbc_tv-rachel_maddow_show National Debt Increase by percentage over term. Reagan - 189% Bush II - 89% Bush I - 55% Carter - 42% Clinton - 36% How does this jive with the core Republican philosophy of fiscal responsibility? Do tax cuts really increase reve
  14. Will that judge be considered a judicial activist? Legislating from the bench, or a true patriot, protecting the rights of downtrodden?
  15. So as long as the states follow a federal policy, its still ok. Eh? What if my state goes rogue and decides to issue IDs based on a less than federal standard? Is that OK? If all states are required to follow a federal standard, isn't that really the same as a federal ID?
  16. ID cards are so yesterday. With RFID chips, we could encode humans from birth. Scanners would be able to read them and validate authenticity. Think how simple life would become. You wouldn't have to carry a wallet or purse, no fear of the policia asking for your papers. Banks and retailers could tie into the network. All you would have to do is enter a store, select your purchases and walk out. If you don't have sufficient funds, entry could be barred. No reason for you to be in the store if you ain't buyin. Processing at the airport would be a piece of cake. Same with prison. Come
  17. I don't think making passports mandatory is in the constitution.
  18. The moochers are the people who suckle on the teet of the government. Grandmas, cripples, defense contractors, street sweepers, dog catchers, medicare nurses, teachers, politicians, police officers, soldiers, prisoners, social workers, IRS agents, TSA gropers, oh the list is endless. They are the moochers.
  19. I know of one government official that doesn't have a birth certificate. And your birth certificate doesn't really identify you. It identifies someone was born. Same thing with your SS card. Name and number, nothing proving you are who you are. I have an FAA issued, federal pilots license that I'm required to carry when I fly. It has no biometric data on it beside my DOB, sex, height, weight, hair and eye color. No picture. No finger print. Nothing to besides what I put on the form to differentiate me from every other 6'1, 185lbs, blond, blue eyed male. I have to supplement it
  20. Pack, As a treehugging enviroamerican, I worry that the sudden spike in dead grandmas will put strain on the limited inventory of available cemetery plots. Perhaps we could bulldoze the retirement villages and nursing homes for additional space. We are going to have to anyways. They will be vacant and falling into disrepair. A clear haven for drug addicts and immoral behavior.
  21. Yeah, and they won't be spending any money because they won't have any. So all the services and goods they consume will be left on the self and idle. Of course grandma can move into the basement and eat what little JoeBob has left after he feeds his family. Don't think the cat will be too happy having to scrap by what grandma leaves in her bowl. Of course that assumes JoeBob remains employed and healthy. If he has an accident or heaven forbid a stroke, could put the entire family out on the street. Hope he lives in a warm climate because they won't have two nickles to rub together for ga
  22. Joebob, You have anyone in your family getting SS? What will happen to them if it went away?
  23. Brent, please cut and paste where I used the word core. Kentucky - won, Connecticut - loss, Delaware - loss, Colorado - loss, Nevada - loss, Alaska - loss. 1 out of 6 = .16666 You are welcome to your own opinions, but you are not welcome to your own math.
  24. Brent, why do you think I think its racist to the core? Your words, not mine. All I've noted is that there clearly are racists in the party and I've seen signs to confirm that. I also noted that it is peculiar that there was no organized anger before a black man moved into the White House, but suddenly erupted after he did, before he even enacted his socialist agenda. That hints that race is a factor in their anger. At least at the birth of the movement. Take from that what you want. I won't take Teapartiers seriously. I think their agenda is moronic not well thought out. As
  25. "No, the tea party may not have been formed yet, but the anger was there." So, what as the tipping point? What forced the TeaParty to emerge? You call it a simmering teapot, ready to boil. No sign of them before Jan 20th, 2009. The TeaParty suddenly sprang up. Enraged. Outraged. Angered. Just by Obama taking the oath of office. All that penned up rage, suddenly released. What was the straw that broke the camel's back, on Jan 20th, 2009? What had Obama done besides taking the oath of office to cause such an overboil of anger? Towards him?
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