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  1. Unfortunately Sandspur, that scenario is repeated millions of times in America. Entry level positions are ripe with being part-time. Employers design them to reduce employment costs. Employers don't have to provide benefits for part time labor and they like it that way. Walmart is a master at this. You can shop around for a better offer when you have some unique skill that employers value, some experience. But for entry level folk, you all have the same skill set and if you won't want the job, there's a stack of resumes on his desk of people who will do it. So OJ joins the ra
  2. Taxes. That's how every 1st world country with universal health care pays for it. Instead of paying a for profit health insurance company, you pay taxes. Instead of your employer paying for a group plan, they pay you your salary plus the amount they would have paid for the benefits. You pay the taxes. The taxes should equal the cost of the program. No debt. Unless you want to follow the tax break and spend policies of the last 8 years of course.
  3. Ah JKC, But tort reform must happen at the state level. The only time a case would go to the federal level is if some constitutional issue was being tested. So there's not much the feds can do about tort reform.
  4. Lets not forget that auto insurance premiums are based on behavior alone. You drive fast, get careless, get drunk, your rates will rise. Health insurance has a behavior component too (smoking, weight), but it is also based on things you can't control. Type 1 diabetes, brain cancer, birth defects, family history of disease. Those will also increase your rates if not disqualify you completely. Just for fun, call up a health insurance company and tell them you are currently uninsured, have high blood pressure and a family history of stroke and see if they offer you a competitive plan to
  5. Just another reason to hate Obama. Like we needed one.
  6. Come on people, its HEALTH insurance, not SICKNESS insurance. But seriously, it isn't like auto insurance or home insurance at all. That is casualty insurance and very competitive. Just ask the lizard. Its privately purchased and not provided by your employer. Healthcare on the other hand isn't a true free market system. Employees have very little say on which healthcare plan their employers offer. You take what you get. Many employees become close to slaves to their companies for fear of losing benefits. Health insurance is really a pre-paid medical plan. You pay so much a
  7. Some Donald Morgan quotes Atheist: A person who believes in one less god than you do. I'm a polyatheist - there are many gods I don't believe in
  8. I just hope Obama gives the prize money to ACORN. Not because they deserve it, but for the pure entertainment value of watching FoxNews hyperventilate.
  9. Just one more reason to hate Obama. Like we really needed one.
  10. Until we get this birth certificate thing straightened out, which nation is he going to accept it for?
  11. Where's BobWhite, the great slayer of all BSA myths when we need him? Someone, shine the Fluer De Lis flood light on the clouds!
  12. Pack, You are referring to awe. Of course atheists can have awe in something. They just don't need to have an answer for its existence. That's the beauty of theism. You always have an answer.
  13. emb021, But they were officially representing the BSA in the US Supreme Court. By being their representatives, they spoke for the BSA. BSA has not rescinded that position. So I submit, saying that BSA is not a religious organization IS an urban myth.
  14. I view religious experts like I do art experts. Some have studied various forms and become familiar with different expressions of it and practices. Some have dedicated their entire existence studying a single aspect of it, ignoring all others. I would call those experts to some degree. But none can really say without a doubt what is art and what is not. You will never get universal agreement. Because that is only relevant to the individual beholder. You can't apply the same argument effectively with the sciences. There are some universal truths that must be accepted in science befo
  15. MBCs are checked against approved lists by council when merit badge advancement forms are submitted by units. (false) Note: there is no place on the advancement form to designate the MBC.
  16. Check out this thread. It had lots of great cold weather camping advice. http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=224215#id_230044
  17. BSA is a Christian organization. (false) BSA is not a religous organization. (false)
  18. A tour permit is required to be covered by BSA insurance. (myth)
  19. "Pick one problem and get it solved" I want a president who can multi-task. Are you suggesting that he should focus on Afghanistan solely until its resolved? Even if it takes 10 years? Then move on to the economy. When its recovered, move on to health care. Even GWB could multi-task. He cleared a lot of brush in Texas while getting us into these messes.
  20. You folks are really pathetic. Dancing on the failure of America to win hosting the Olympics. You really are pathetic, and not very patriotic.
  21. Statute of limitations doesn't apply to Roman. He entered a plea bargain. Admitted some portion of his guilt and negotiated a sentence. But he got cold feet before serving his sentence and fled to France. He's a fugitive. Plain and simple. If brought back, he should serve his original sentence then face charges for violating the plea bargain. Not sure why Cali is spending money on this. He won't voluntarily come back here. They are safe from him. Its France's problem. And yes, Sharon Tate was his pregnant wife who was butchered by followers of Charles Manson.
  22. smt224, Popcorn? Heresy. OA? Hmmmm, borderline. However, say something not favorable of Woodbadge and you've committed blasphemy. It has to do with whether something is held sacred or not.
  23. To celebrate Blasphemy Day here on the forum, do I have to say something derogatory about WB?
  24. If the uniform is so important to the program, we should make it a requirement for participation. The analogy that sport teams require the uniform is appropriate. If you want to participate, you buy the full, complete uniform. And you wear it if you want to play. But BSA doesn't do that. It leaves it up to the unit. Well, this just creates angst. It drives us apart instead of bringing us together. Fully uniformed troops look down on less uniformed units. Less uniformed units look down on fully uniformed ones. BSA could solve this with one additional requirement.
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