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  1. My understanding is that Charles Manson was never an Eagle, only a Life Scout.
  2. I actually had to ask him that question when he claimed the scout didn't fulfill his POR requirement because it wasn't in the last six months. I opened the handbook and read him the requirement, he disagreed. I asked him to read it again and explain his reasoning. He said he knew the rule and that was how he understood it. It took two other board members to balk before he conceeded that he was wrong. Voices didn't get raised but nearly did. This went on and on. After the board, us adults just shook our heads that someone who represents the Council Eagle Committee was so misguided. He r
  3. When is an Eagle no longer an Eagle? In an EBOR last night, after announcing that the board had approved the scout's rank advancement to Eagle, the Council Eagle representative told the young man that there are only two ways to lose your Eagle, murder and moral transgressions. Is this true? I thought it was once and Eagle, always an Eagle. This gentleman made other claims during the prep for the BOR that I knew were 100% wrong, and in fact had to challenge him on several of them to even have the board held.
  4. Ed, do you know how many partial birth abortions are performed annually? Do you know the proportion to total abortions (not counting IUDs and the pill)?
  5. I think the problem with white gas (napthene) stoves is the real possibility of flair up if not used properly. Canister gas stoves are much safer but the cost of the canisters are an issue. That and you need to get the proper mix for the conditions. On my vintage Svea stove, you fill it with white gas, then spill about a tablespoon on the burner and neck. there's a little pool for the gas to collect at the base of the neck. Then you light the whole stove on fire. As the neck heats up, it pressurizes the tank and gas starts to vaporise on the burner. Eventually, all the spilled gas bur
  6. Pack, you have some good points. I never considered birth control methods that work after conception like the IUD(mechanical). Not sure about the pill (hormonal). Those methods pollute the uterus to a point that implantation of the fertilized egg is impossible. I can understand now that those methods of birth control are no less an abortion than a D+C procedure if you accept conception as the point of life. But correct me if I'm wrong, don't Catholics consider even barrier methods like condoms, vasectomies, spermicides and diaphragms against their faith? If that's the case, then their posi
  7. BTW, I used MatchLight in a chimney once. Talk about a blast furnace. Flames shot about a foot above the chimney and didn't die down for 30 minutes. They really saturate MatchLight with fluid. The smell of the burning fluid was nauseating too. I like Ed's idea of egg crate starters and coffee cans. I'll stick with my store bought chimney though. I like the integrated handle to move the hot coals. I will try the egg/wax thing though. On a sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands, they provisioned our boat with little egg type crates filled with charcoal. You just set the
  8. The chimney works great for car camping, but when at home, I use a propane torch to get one briquet started, then an air compressor, shopvac or leaf blower to fan the flames. You can get a 20 lbs of charcoal going in about 5 minutes using that method. My wife just shakes her head. I'm gonna try oxygen next time when I get my Oxy/acetene welder filled. BBQ at Gern's place! He's the one without any eye brows.
  9. My troop introduced me to the charcoal chimneys for starting coals. Works by stuffing some newspaper in the bottom and about 20 briquets in the top. I think they start faster than with fluid and no smell. I'm a convert now.
  10. In my past life as an amatuer moutaineer, I heard stories of big wall climbers taking brown paper bags with them. They'd fill them, twist the end, light it and toss it. By the time it hit the canyon floor, the paper was completely burned away. Not exactly LNT. But climbers can be a very self absorbed, messy clan.
  11. No it wouldn't be wonderful to have such a valve regardless of who controls it! It would be a little to Orwellian to me! You're right Ed. I don't think the state should be allowed to make reproductive decisions for us. How about deformed fetus? Ones who may be viable, but would live a miserable or limited existance, especially if the parents are not capable of tending to it. Also, what about the case of a healthy fetus being carried by a frail mother where continuing the pregnancy risks the life of the mother. Can that one end if the mother requests to save her own life? Would
  12. Ed, isn't it still killing an innocent life with aborting the ectopic or deformed fetus? Did you support removing the feeding tube from Terry Schiavo? I agree with you on the rape or incest issue. Send them to adoption, if anyone would take them. Isn't it ironic that we would execute people because they don't respect life like we do. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had the technology to implant at birth in every American citizen a valve to prevent pregnancy. To be fair, lets just install this valve in males. The keys to the valve would be held by the state. They would determine
  13. My all time favorite backpacking stove has been a Svea all fuel. Brass and unchanged since the 1950s. If its liquid and it burns, you can use it. Runs best on unleaded gasoline. But pretty good on alcohol or Colman white gas. Unfortunately, I don't think they make them anymore. I found a vintage one on Ebay for $30 and bought it for my son. Back in the 21st century, I got a JetBoil for Christmas this year. Really amazing. Has an integrated caraf that boils water in about a minute and a french press for making really good coffee. Retails about $80 but is only for heating water.
  14. Brent, you are traveling on thin ice here. Vietnam was a battlefield in its entirety just like Iraq or Afghanistan is today. Any soldier who puts that uniform on and is injured or killed while deployed in a war zone is a battlefield casualty in my mind. The circumstances are irrelevant. To splice hairs demeans the sacrifices of every soldier. Is Pat Tillman just an accident or did he die in battle? It wasn't at the hands of his enemy but his own men, just like Cleland. Your criticism of Cleland's sacrifice would also paint Tillman's sacrifice with the same brush. As for hero statu
  15. OGE, please give us some credit, we finally quit testing the scouts at the BOR! I would agree that the SM should have no need to re-test skills at the conference, but in many situations, the scout had learned the skill (ex. tie specific knots) but by the SM conference, had lost those skills. The SM retests to verify and reinforce the skill set. If you all think that's wrong, perhaps we should have a conference with the SM! One thing our SM does do, is re-tests every scout the cumulative knots he is supposed to know. For instance, a scout going for Life must know all the require knots and
  16. Steady men! Focus! This thread isn't about why you deny advancement in a BOR, but the frequency. And heaven forbid its about uniforms! Please, stay on topic.
  17. Rooster, Until someone gets hurt, its ok with you? Well, I don't think that should be the filter. Until the terrorists blow up a dirty bomb in Times Square, I don't think we should really worry about it? How about a little critical analysis on where this could go? I'm very much against child porn and I think the cops should be able to use internet search databases to help them convict. But in this case, they are just fishing. They don't have any suspects in mind, we are all suspects. If they have a suspicion, then get a warrant and get those records. This is akin to requir
  18. Here's an alternative for those tired of the Republican party.... http://www.lp.org/
  19. Beavah, Consider it tough love. Continuing to support them makes you an enabler and co-dependant. The current Republicans must be held to atone for their behaviour. By voting for Democrats or third parties, you make them adjust their policies and actions. Even if the Dems get back both houses, it would be good for the party in the long run. If this is allowed to continue, the Republicans are on the fast track down the same path as the Whigs. And to be practical, how could the dems be any worse than the Republicans on spending, government size or immigration? We need to clean house an
  20. I've always considered myself a conservative. I am no way a Republican anymore. The republican party has wandered down the path towards fascism and away from conservative values. The last 3 years have confirmed my suspicions. I hope the 2006 elections will send a message to the Republicans to return to their Reagen roots and correct their course.
  21. I've recently been tasked with organizing Eagle BORs for the troop. We have 5 Lifes who used the winter to finish up their requirements and are ready. After the first few, I got to thinking what is the success rate for these? So far, I'm at 100%. What is your success rate for BORs? Also, on the lower ranks. I've never heard of a BOR deny a scout in my troop. Now SM conferences are a different thing. I'd say 50% don't make it through that gate the first time. Our troop uses the SM conference to test skills and knowledge and the BOR to measure spirit.
  22. As a bit of a protest, I've started wearing plain unbranded T-shirts. No logos, no advertising or catchy phrase. Just colored fabric the way God intended it. I actually get compliments on how good it looks.
  23. Ed, well one side effect to BSA allowing Gays and Atheists is that Merlin would have to get a new hobby!
  24. Ed, I'll try to explain. I'm a law and order kinda guy. Its maddening inconsistency. The first instance (shooting), the second charge for murder is wrong because the state does not recognize prenatals as humans. From the standpoint of the state, it is no more murder than killing an animal or a tree. Until the state recognizes and grants the prenatal with rights, then this must be the answer. If a state does go for murder charges, I can't imagine the charge not being overturned if challenged on that basis. The Peterson case just makes me furious that the same state that allows abortion
  25. My understanding of Exploring is they have different membership requirements than BSA. This was brought on because many explorer posts like police and firefighter posts could not discriminate on sexuality or religion. So if it is true, then Explorers would probably pass the existing Berkely requirements.
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