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  1. Does anyone know the specific requirements for this patch, or can someone direct me to them on-line? Thanks.
  2. frankj

    Movies for Citizenship in the Community

    Just thought of another one, a little obscure. Screen it before showing it to the assembled masses. STAND AND DELIVER. Edward James Olmos (the boss of Sonny Crockett on Miami Vice) is an inner-city high school math teacher who takes a bunch of underachievers and convinces them they can win a math/calculus competition. Leadership, goal setting, individual and group accomplishment.
  3. frankj

    Movies for Citizenship in the Community

    I would go with To Kill a Mockingbird. It is a great movie and the book is still taught in some schools (my son read it 7th and 9th grades) lit. classes. For film buffs it includes a very early performance, if not the screen debut of a now-famous actor... the guy who played Boo Radley, Robert DuVall.
  4. frankj

    Games And Ideas To Brighten Up Meetings

    LINE UP: Divide up into two or more groups. Approx equal number of boys in each group. Line up facing one another with feet on a line, such as a seam in concrete or a chalk line. On signal, each line rearranges itself into some order from left to right, such as by height, or by alphabetical order of last name. Each Scout has to keep one foot on the line at all times. You can do the "verbal" version where Scouts communicate directions to each other, or the "non-verbal" version where no directions are allowed.
  5. We visited the spy museum, it was interesting but crowded. The boys would have to be pretty well-behaved because the space is not that large.
  6. We have not had TV of any sort in our house for 14+ years. I might have mentioned this in some previous post. Although we don't go around trumpeting this fact, it is fun to see and hear people's reactions when the fact is revealed. "How do you know what's going on?" (There's radio, daily newspapers, and magazines). "Your kids were raised WITHOUT TV?" (Yes, one is an Eagle Scout & HS class officer and the other was a Girl Scout, is now in college on a scholarship). I do watch it when out of town for work and staying in a motel. I mostly channel surf although last night I did watch the show EAMONN alluded to: "Deal or No Deal." I read somewhere (probably in one of those 3 newspapers) that of the game shows, it is the one most firmly based in the science of probability. To answer EAMONN's question, from 1992 when we abandoned network and cable TV, to the present day, I think the "good" that was on TV has either held its own or gotten better and the "mediocre" that was on TV back then has gotten worse, much worse. I believe that what is on TV is a reflection of the products for sale in our economy. While watching the History Channel, you might see ads for Viagra or Cholesterol medicine or a host of other products that the producers of the History Channel think their viewers might be interested in. Likewise, I don't think MTV runs many ads for arthritis remedies or Buicks ... you get the point.
  7. frankj

    Polar Bear Patch Snafu

    Brrrrr. Reminds me of my first campout in Scouts. New Jersey. Late fall, no snow but freezing temps. Me in my army surplus sleeping bag: wool inner layer, poplin outer cover. Tents were army surplus shelter halves. I wiggled and scrunched enough at night to wiggle my way half out of the tent. Woke in the morning FREEZING from the waist down.
  8. frankj

    Need Advice re Shared ECoH

    Our District Eagle coordinator always encouraged boys to send an invitation to the Governor, Mayor, state representatives and US Senators and representatives. You'd be surprised (or maybe not) on how many will respond with at least a letter of congratulations. You need to give them enough lead time. And if one shows up, they can usually be worked into the program. Give them a time limit, though! A shared ceremony can be as meaningful as a solo one, good luck.
  9. frankj

    DESPERATE! Sewing on patches!

    I get a kick out of sewing on the MB patches myself. Don't try to poke the needle through the raised border of the patch. For shirt patches or badges, I go to the pros.
  10. frankj

    declining to sit on a BOR

    The problem and discussion are educational and to me, they emphasize the need for good communication between the SM and those who might sit on a BOR. If the Scout receives the SMs approval is the BOR a "done deal?" Not necessarily although not passing a Scout can lead to bad feelings. In our troop and I guess most troops, the BOR follows closely on the heels of the Scoutmaster conference, there is no interim period for corrective actions on the part of the Scout prior to the BOR. I would participate in the BOR if asked. I would not attempt to grind an axe or blind side either the Scout or the other members. I would attempt to get the answers from the Scout that satisfied me that he was ready for the rank and if I did not get the answers that convinced me I would not vote for his advancement. Venividi's last paragraph sums it up pretty well: Your unwillingless to sit on BOR (should that be your decision) should be a red flag to the SM and others. Good luck with this.
  11. frankj

    Anyone remember Sputnik?

    Amen to Calico! I'm selfish: I have a ailment that will haunt me for the rest of my life. My son has one too, although different. We should do all we can to research cures for medical conditions within our own shores. I am guessing that US medical research breakthroughs outstrip those of other developed countries by a wide margin.
  12. frankj

    Treated lumber?

    I'll say this. CCA may have been proven to be a carcinogen, but how many children playing on a playground are going to ingest the amount fed to lab rats to determine the LD50? It has proved an effective treatment for wood used in outdoor applications. Do take NLDSCOUTS advice and ask about the correct hardware to use in conjunction with the treated lumber available today.
  13. frankj

    Historical Trips

    Baltimore/Ft. McHenry is a great suggestion. We lived there when I was in grade school and visited Ft McHenry as a family, a number of times. You might also consider New Jersey for its links to the Revolutionary War.
  14. frankj

    Historical Trips

    Baltimore/Ft. McHenry is a great suggestion. We lived there when I was in grade school and visited Ft McHenry as a family, a number of times. You might also consider New Jersey for its links to the Revolutionary War.
  15. If a Scout earns both Cycling and Swimming MBs can the both be counted toward the number of Eagle required? It is my understanding that only one out of the group of Cycling, Swimming, Hiking can be counted as one of the Eagle req'd badges. Is this correct?
  16. frankj

    Question on Eagle Required Badges

    He has 21 total and 14 of those are ER. Thanks to all for leading me out of the woods. I find it confusing that he could earn 2 from the same category and have them credited as Eagle Req'd for the Star rank, then when it comes to listing the Eagle req'd, on the application he lists only one from that group.
  17. frankj

    Question on Eagle Required Badges

    responding to EagleInKy "Okay, if I'm understanding correct, the scout counted both Cycling and Swimming as Eagle Required MBs in order to obtain Star. YES. He has now earned all the necessary ER MBs for Eagle. YES. One of those, let's assume Cycling, is listed on his Eagle Required list on his Eagle application. Swimming is listed as one of the additional MBs. I HAVEN'T SEEN THE APPLICATION YET. IF SWIMMING AND CYCLING WERE CREDITIED AS EAGLE REQ'D IN FULFILLMENT OF STAR, THEN WHY WOULDN'T IT BE LISTED ON THE APPLICATION AS ONE OF THE EAGLE REQ'D? PS: In case there's any doubt: I WANT this young man to achieve the rank -- I'm trying to anticipate any minor glitch that might hold things up because of the time element involved.
  18. frankj

    Question on Eagle Required Badges

    Thanks for your help. I am still not out of the woods on this one. The Scout is a recent transfer to our troop a few months back and his 18th is coming up in less than a month. He has earned ALL of the ER badges except for Hiking. He earned the Cycling and the Swimming Badges in fulfillment of the Star rank in the previous troop and they were entered on the advancement record as 2 out of the 4 Eagle req'd for Star. MaScout's answer indicates this is not right. Scott's answer indicates one of the two should not have been counted as an ER at the Star Level. and FScouter the footnote contradicts both of the above .. it says "...may choose any of the 15 req'd mb's in the 12 categories to fulfill req'mt 3" (for Star and Life Ranks.) I guess "it is what it is" and the council reviewer will pass judgement. Thank you for the info and I will stay tuned here for further info.
  19. frankj

    Maybe Ritalin is the Answer...

    ... and another problem has been the gerrymandering of congressional districts -- that is, boundaries which virtually insure the re-election, if not of the incumbent, the party's choice as successor. This propagates the status quo and the committe chairmanships in House. Both parties take advantage of this. Look at how few districts are really in contention in a given election.
  20. Correction -- I should have said no parents of Scouts take part in the BOR. They are welcome to observe, but I can't think of when we've had any observers.
  21. I believe Lisabob covered it. Three committee members. No parents of Scout being reviewed. As Adv. Chair I try to take part in all BORs and I sign where it calls for "Title." One of the things I do as Adv Chair is a very brief review of the Scout's recent advancement -- for example, "Joe joined the troop in ________, got his Tenderfoot on _______, his Second class on _______, and now he's here for his First Class BOR." It helps introduce the Scout and put him at ease.
  22. frankj

    Eagle Scout issue

    The only comment I would add here is that maybe "Plan Ahead" should become the 13th point of the Scout Law. It applies here and it certainly applies in later life. I am not faulting you or your troop. It is the young man's responsibility to plan ahead. We as troop leaders can bring the horse to water but we cannot and should not force him to drink. If you monitor the Scout's age and the time remaining to the 18th birthday its pretty easy to see when counseling might be needed. The post says you became SM in Jan 2006 so you might not have had the opportunity to do this. In my opinion, the "countdown to Eagle" counseling should have started at age 17. In a perfect world the Scout would do this on his own. As to the actions of "National", no comment. I cannot even get them to print the correct the name of our town on the Eagle certificates they issue.
  23. frankj

    Eagle Ceremony help!

    My two cents. The MC must have certain abilities: good, effective speaking, the ability to deal with glitches that may come up, a 'presence' in front of the audience, the ability to fulfill his part without referring or reading from notes. If the Star Scout can do it, fine. ddhanso says 'one of the adult leaders is coordinating this and has asked one of the Star scouts ...' Why isn't the Eagle candidate planning and coordinating this? This can be a memorable evening for the Eagle, his family and invitees, that goes off smoothly with everyone knowing their parts, or, it can turn into a muddle. The candidate will get the best ceremony, I think, if he is involved in the planning, and the recruitment of participants. There needs to be a script. Participants need to be told their role and go over it ahead of time, with script in hand. Participants need to be at the ceremony well before the start to meet and review the sequence -- who says what, when they say it, what cues to look for, etc. The participants need to be recruited far enough in advance and then their participation confirmed the day before. I could go on, but have preached enough. I have seen great, memorable ECoh's and ones that were botched because of lack of preparation.
  24. frankj

    Thrift store find

    I love scrounging. What surprises me about these thrift store finds you mention, is that the folks donating this stuff to the thrift store don't first think of contacting the Scout organization. Or, perish the thought, maybe they did and were met with indifference.