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  1. to my understanding scouts can not have sheath knives if i where you i would just take them away
  2. eagle90 what outfitter are you going through
  3. you should not help this kid at all he does not need to earn eagle
  4. 11 year olds can not lead anyone because if the lead other 11 year olds they think they do not have to listen to him since they are the same age and he can not lead older kids because they will not listen sicne he is younger so it is best to hold off in allowing them to try to lead
  5. this is boy scouts the parents do not need to hold there kids hand. and leaders should not expect the parents to
  6. i will stop putting eagle scout on every thing on the day i get put in a box and buried six feet down
  7. i was a scout for six years then i turned 18 and my sm thought i should go to blt so i went and i thought it was a big waste of time since i knew every thing in the classes
  8. eagle90 you should have gone through northern tier. as a three year staff member up there i just have to say something. but to answer your question my troop is going up to nt (northern tier) this summer
  9. yes it is the right thing to do if you do not who is to know if the sm knows what he is doing and you do not want your troop to fall apart because of him
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