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  1. Hello All: Quite simply: What is Irving's policy about Webelos camping overnight? Our Troop is going on a "Snow Camp" in a couple of weeks and would like to take the Webelos II's with us. The G2SS is somewhat abigious on this. The terms "parent approved adult", "expected" and "adult" are never used as a definitive statement. Can we assign three ASM's to three Webelos and have the Den Leader for the fourth? Also, if your troop or pack has tried this, how did it work out. The Scouts are kind of hot on the idea, so I think any problems would be the Webelos being uncomfortabl
  2. GOOD FOR THEM!!! And congratulations to you. All your hard work is paying off. As long as they are, in fact, a Patrol, and you approve their plan, they can go. It is, in fact, what the boys should be doing. It is what Scouting is all about. My boy did it, and they still talk about it. As soon as his Patrol went, all the other Patrols started planning their own Patrol overnighters. One other Patrol has gone since. The boys regard it as "having arrived" as compotent Scouts. http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=252607#id_255293
  3. Let me preface this by saying that I don't personally mind female Scouters, as long as they understand what the Scouting method is. The Troop that my boy [and I] transferred to has an unofficial policy that no females will be present on any overnight activity. This is because the boys want it that way. Nobody talks about it, but that is the way it is. One of the old timer ASM's told me that the boys decided very early on that while they couldn't prevent a mother from going on an overnighter - that no one could force any Scout to attend any activity. I guess that a few years ago
  4. There is only one appropriate answer to jwest93's question - "How do the boys handle the situation?" Irving hasn't issued any guidlines that I know of. This clearly isn't a Committee issue. Have the SPL put it to the PLC, let the PL's discuss it with their patrols, and have the Scouts formulate their policy toward electronic devices. As near as I can tell, that is the BSA way of doing things.
  5. I think the latter - I think they mostly wanted to do it just to prove to themselves that they could. And they did.
  6. Congratulations to you and your boys. No congratulations to me - it was all the boys. I stayed out of it. Was wondering what the ages and skill levels are of the boys in the patrol? The Patrol has one 15yo and one 14yo Life, two 14yo and one 13yo Star, one 13yo 1st Class and one 12yo 2nd Class.
  7. Well, they went, they camped, and they all came back alive and healthy. It rained all day Friday and part of Saturday morning. I asked my boy if he thought that this was the time..... "We're SCOUTS!! " was his reply. Plus, he always carries the triple flame Colibri lighter we got him for Christmas, so off they went. The hike was without incident, made camp no problem. Took a while to get a fire started, but once they did they didn't let it go out. They ate well and stayed warm and dry. Broke camp without problems, hike back went quicker than the hike out, and they're home.
  8. At the meeting last night the PL approached the PLC and laid out their plan. I think a couple of the PLC were suprised that a Patrol can camp alone. They gave their support to the plan. The SM (to my suprise) gave his support as well. Even took the written plan and signed it: "Approved 10/1/09 - [signature]". Later, he asked me on the side if I knew about this. I said yes and allowed that I didn't want to interfere in any way. He aggreed that that was for the best. So they're going next weekend. Score one for the boys!!! Not to hijack the thread, however does anyone
  9. Jackie PAPER and the song was about PUFF? What do you think they were singing about? A boy and his magical dragon? Hello, anybody from the 60's out there? According to Mary herself, in many interviews, it was a song about a dragon. I grew up back then, too - and while folk wasn't (isn't) my favorite, a couple of PPM's once in a while still take me back .....
  10. After last night's meeting, my son told me that his Patrol wants to camp alone. I asked him if he has approached the SM, and he said no. He said they want to write it all up first and present it to him next Thursday. They don't want to go far, just 5 miles or so and sleep out one night. They won't be out of a cell signal at any time. As an ASM, I have no problem with this. The Patrol has two Life, three Star, one 1st Class and one 2nd Class. They are 15 through 12 years old, mostly 15 and 14. He asked me if I had a problem with it, and I said no. I asked him what his backup pl
  11. I do: Automotive Maintenance Truck Transportation Rifle Shooting Shotgun Shooting - (far and away the boys' favorite!) P.S.: Ditto pohsuwed on the civility of the thread.
  12. I still recommend a quiet, mature, exit visit with the IH of the Chartered Partner. IMO, they deserve to know why their Troop is about to have a membership drain. They know (or should) - the COR has a boy in the Troop. He is one of the younger Scouts, and she is part of the problem - or so I'm told. Good luck finding a new unit that actually wants to do Scouting! There are two Troops in our area, so there really isn't much of a choice unless we want to commute 20 miles or more. The boys from both Troops know each other. I got a text from my son earlier that this is still
  13. It has been an interesting last few days, and many thing have become much clearer. This weekend our District is having our Spring Camporee. (pioneering skills) The Patrols were preparing as per standard procedure. Yesterday my son got an email stating that there would be no camping or cooking by Patrol at this event. He was one of the Scouts in charge of buying the food for his Patrol. The message explained that adults would cook for the entire Troop. After dinner I made some phone calls and got a couple of answers. Certain mothers are tired of their boys coming home from
  14. After yet another chaotic, pointless Thursday evening in the gym, I would appreciate everyone's take on the following situation: I am living through the death of a long established Troop. It is a painful thing to watch and I seem to be powerless to reverse, or even slow, the dying process. First, a little background. When my oldest son wanted to be a Scout I was thrilled. I was a Cub Scout/Boy Scout for nine years, finishing as a Life Scout, Brotherhood OA and SPL. He joined Cubs, and after receiving his AOL, joined this Troop along with three of his fellow Webelos. The four ot
  15. From the mouths of babes........
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