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    • Was it too much when it happened nearly 20 years ago?  This is nothing new, but because it's in the US and people like to bash on the changes to BSA, it's somehow relevant now? It's not like there's going to be bowls of condoms next to the snack machine.  They are just available upon request. https://www.scotsman.com/news/world/jamboree-scouts-to-be-prepared-with-free-condoms-1-864606
    • I love how this is supposed to be NEW News.  This isn't anything new.    here's a link dated 2002: https://www.scotsman.com/news/world/jamboree-scouts-to-be-prepared-with-free-condoms-1-864606   And since " This was never an issue before gays and girls." as you say, Gays were allowed in Scouting in 2013, so this pre-dates that.     This is a World Scouting event, this isn't a BSA event.  National Jamborees have their own requirements.  Think of it like the Olympics.  The hosting country has to abide and respect the Olympics' rules, even if its against their own, or they wouldn't be considered a host for the event.  
    • There we agree. 
    • Girls and gays have been present at world jamborees for decades because gays and girls have been scouts around the world for decades. You put 50000 people in one place and it will happen. It's just how the numbers work. In the same way that someone will probably die (work the stats through) some people will probably have sex. Having contraception available is better than STDs and unwanted pregnancies. It's not about facilitation.
    • @Jenn, welcome to scouter.com. Two phrases that all volunteers should know from the start: No thanks. or simply NO. Where is that written? My $0.02
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