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    • Depends on the Scout. Since none of the MBs you need are offered, what is offered that you are interested in? Some will take other MBs, and 2 scouts I know repeated MBs they already had for fun. While one SM I met said it was a waste of their time and money, the Scouts had fun. Personally I wish one them would have taken Lifesaving again instead of Swimming so he could practice skills, and I could "drown" him when I played victim. Some camps offer specialty programs/ HA programs. Camp I went do offered a HA program that was a BLAST! BSA Lifeguard is another option, and if you take the ARC test, you can get a job too. I lifeguarded throughout HS and college once certified. Working camp is another suggestion. To me it seems as if fewer and fewer camps offer free swim, boating, and shooting. If your camp offers that, chill out and do that.
    • Well look at leatherwork. Come down to it, thats one of the old holdout merit badges. Yes its cool but most of us dont use leather much anymore. Paracord though, as said above, is so versatile. It touches on art, knot tying, weaving, and survival.I'm thinking some of the requirements could be: 1. making a survival bracelet including 10 feet of paracord, a compass, whistle, and firestriker using a solomon or other weave. 2. making a 10 foot fishing line from the inner strands,. 3. making a tent stake fob. 4. wrapping a hatchet, axe, knife, or ax handle in paracord.  
    • I did not know that, thanks.  
    • Camp Meriwether seems to be operating under the assumption that LDS troops are the only ones who care about a single-gender camping experience. Make a few accommodations for the LDS units, and everyone else will be fine with co-ed camping. It will be interesting to see how that assumption plays out in their summer camp enrollments.
    • Or, if you're okay with using computers, just go back to packmaster until scoutbook is in better shape. They have good software. Tell the cubmaster you've got it, as she has more important things to do than deal with computers. Scoutbook has become a third rail item at roundtable.
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