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    • *sigh*  The ultimate question is:   Was the person who signed the Blue Card, Approved The Merit Badge,  a bona fide registered in the Council Merit Badge Counselor when the card was signed?  Make the phone call(s).  If the answer to the question is "Yes", shake the Scout's hand and wish him well.   If "No", then smile,  hand him some more Blue Cards and give him a list of approved/registered Merit Badge Counselors for his desired subjects.    See you on the trail....
    • It might behoove us to review the expectations of the unit leader when first providing the blue card. Most of the time I have seen it go like this: Scout: I want to do "xyz" mB. SM: Do you have a counselor? Scout: Yes. SM: Ok, here is a blue card. Have fun! This is NOT appropriate, and the unit leader has signed a card without doing his/her job.  There should be a significant conversation between the unit leader and the scout at this time. The initial signed blue card should be the unit leader attesting to this conversation. Many (not all) of the issues surrounding mBs could avoided if the process is started appropriately. The entire process should be reviewed by all unit leaders annually, and involve parents. The PLC should also include this in their annual planning especially when a large group of new scouts joins.
    • Yes, you can do that.  But be prepared for him to tell you that a bunch of people on the internet approved his merit badge.  Turnabout is fair play.
    • Couldn't decide between a 'like' or a 'laugh' here.   There are a couple things going on here.  On some, the previous person approved/wrote a counselor, on some it was me who gave the counselor name.  On those cards, the new counselor was written over the top.  On a few, they were issued for summer camp, so no counselor was written in when they were given.
    • Refer to my post from 1/23/19 @ 6:04a.m. in which I supplied the relevant information from GTSS. I realize your opinion is not the "official word of BSA" which is why I supplied the information to correct your incorrect opinion.
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