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    • By the way, this has now run far, far afield of the original topic and should be put into the Toggle plan thread. Exactly. All the councils know right now is a number based on the formula the Ad Hoc Committee of Local Councils came up with (along with BSA) as the what THEY (Committee and BSA) think the LC should pay. Now the TCC is giving its number based on what assets it thinks the LC can contribute. IF (like my council) you have no camp and no real property, I would think that the BSA/Ad Hoc Committee number is going to be close to the TCC number. If, however, you are a council with multiple camps you may think based in the BSA/ad Hoc committee number you only need to sell 1 camp or even no camps whereas the TCC number is maybe closer to 2 camps, etc.
    • Um. Unless I misread the recap of the meeting, the facts of this scenario evidence the exact opposite. The TCC requested and also offered to be in communication with the LCs. BSA's response? ACCESS DENIED!! "NO, you cannot talk to our LCs. But, of course, they are fully separate and autonomous legal entities making their own decisions, managing their own finances and controlling their own destinies." Ya, right. This major OOPS! can't be put back into the sack at this point. This is a clear, though inadvertent, example of the BSA controlling the LCs. They stepped in it BIG TIME. 
    • If I ran council X ... I would want to know what the TCC is looking for as a payout for a settlement.  That way, I can go back to our leadership and determine ... do we fight or surrender.  I know they didn't give actual values yet, but at least it gives me an idea of the process on how to get that so I can prepare.
    • I have a mixed opinion on this.  I know it’s nearly impossible to have 100% safety and society has changed over time in terms of understanding child sex abuse and how to increase protections.  I do think BSA is doing most of what it can now.    That said, I really struggle saying BSA wasn’t at fault pre 1990s. What is your thoughts when you hear that the head of the Big Brother program approach the BSA to work on preventing sex abuse in 1980 and the BSA did nothing.  That psychologist in 1981 wrote to BSA leaders that they need to vet Scoutmasters more given the abuse.  Nothing.  That BSA leadership never even gave the sex abuse reports to their safety committee (their safety leader said at one point more scouts drowned than were abused which was 1000% false).   There are reports of BSA employees actively asking parents not to file charges and asking police chiefs to keep reports out of newspapers.  BSA leaders (both national and council) admitting they kept this quiet as it was bad for business.   Again, I know hindsight 20/20 and some of this was the society at the time.  I also know at some point you have to move on otherwise many organizations should disappear. But when I see Big Brother program and others pointing out the issue in the 1980s and BSA leaders quotes where they actively hid the situation... I really struggle to defend the BSA.  In the end, hundreds of not thousands  of men joined the BSA with the intent to have sex with boys.  Based on what I see, too many employees of the BSA covered this up.
    • Yes, there was a big blowup over this involving claims that the ads put together by the mass tort groups were deceptive and confused would be claimants.
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