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    • Greater Hudson Valley Council.  Three (out of four) council properties listed for sale.  https://www.cushmanwakefield.com/en/united-states/properties/for-sale/special-use/ny/stony-point/17-franck-road-stony-point-new-york-10980/k26071k26071-s#gallery
    • Related, and I sure I asked this before among my interminable obsession with probing, does anyone have any clue the pool of candidates for Settlement Trustee? Like Future Claimant Representatives and Tort Claimants’ counsel, it has to be aa fairly small universe. I know the TCC, Coalition and FCR will select that person, but curious if there is any narrowing to be done in this vacuum I am occupying. 
    • I agree about "don't know exactly what I expected from council but it would have been nice to see them make an effort".  It seems the council felt virtual was the best thing ever and the less they had to do.  Could still raise money, still pay salaries, close the camps so money saved there but no real PROGRAM input.  Candidly we don't really need them, so over the years we don't look to district or council for anything but filing paperwork. And they wonder why we don't sell popcorn or really care about FOS
    • Feedback from my Son's troop summer camp, based on scout and adult leaders comment (I could not go, unfortunately) , echo your sentiments exactly.   I do find the drop in cub scouting in our area, as a results of the pandemic and dearth of adult leadership, to be a significant concern. 
    • In what way? We’re creditors and most have a defined amount on their invoices. We don’t, it must be gauged by comp’s and past BSA settlements/award and recent settlements/judgements on similar sexual abuse cases. BSA and the insurers refused a mutual estimation, so there you go.  Or, do you mean that it’s wrong to say someone’s injury, pain, suffering and financial other impacts can be reduced to a “valuation”?
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