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    • The Guide to Advancement defines the term "qualified" Venturer or Sea Scout: Anybody can complete the requirements [including me, and I am too old  LOL!  😛  ], but to officially earn the merit badge, rank, or Scouts BSA awards, one must be a registered Scout or Lone Scout [in the Scouts BSA program], or a qualified Venturer or Sea Scout.  Please note that the Sea Scout requirements do not say "earn the X merit badge", they say "complete the requirements" or "pass the requirements" for the X merit badge.
    • Safety pin. Or look on Ebay for an pre-1979 set of DC cords. Those actually had a pin built into them since the uniform did not have epaulets yet. My cousin gave me his cords. 
    • I think National, even with all the pressure from those wanting to give prior credit has maintained consistency that while an extension has been granted, ALL requirements must be met as a registered Scout.  I’m pleased to see that, as these young women will be congratulated as true Eagles and there won’t be the criticism that they cut corners in any way.  I am actually pretty impressed that with all the media and social pressure the other way that they’ve toed the line.  Just my .02.  
    • I've only seen the revised ceremony scripts - they tweaked them a bit, but really not by much; you kind of have to 'look for' the changes.
    • Definitely could be a better design.  for my son, i took a small length of paracord and created a loop that went around the metal piece, and the epaulet went through that loop. 
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