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    • Regarding the reason for the split, I'm just giving a summary of what the then national director of Venturing told us in the spring of 1998, just before it was announced. As for the uniforms,  well that is what my supply division boss told me. They could be wrong though.
    • Note: Sea Base didn't have much in terms of facilities in Marsh Harbor, slips were rented, captains were for hire, some housing for staff, but all of us who've been there surely have broken hearts. The Bahamians who I had met there loved the scouts. Lifelong residents have fond memories of being scouts. I hope the one cab driver who I gave a patch to still has it as a token that I'm praying for him, and looking to send a donation in that direction. Things like sailing adventures are that community's life's blood. Restoring their boat slips can't happen soon enough. It's not going to be pretty for a long time, but If they can make it safe enough to visit, I'd encourage any scout to plan an adventure as soon as they open again.
    • I get that "on the brink of throwing in the towel" kind of feeling. Then my stupid PLC says "We'd like you to present Venturing to the troop, some of us are thinking we want to reboot the crew." Who do these kids think they are? The challenge will be finding replacements leaders willing to pay the cost of registrations. I might point out to the Son #1 and Daughter-in-law the weekend spent helping on a really nasty remodel job. Plus, next year, the cost of registration fees to have gramps babysit during meetings may be worth it!
    • As a former JROTC instructor, I'm all for this. There are scouts that will thrive in a unit like this.  And more than ever, the military needs young men and women who are mentally and physically able to serve.
    • I'm getting to that point.  My Venture daughter is off to college.  Now that the leaders/outdoorsy types are in all in college or moved away, the crew we are associated with doesn't want to do anything more adventurous than stare at their cell phones during meetings (if they show up at all).  I'm also working at the district level but finding it less and less fulfilling.  In addition to the raised fees, the deal breaker for me is National's quest to transform the entire BSA into one big Tiger Cub den.  I'll always be grateful to the BSA for what I've experienced as a scout and scouter, but I'm getting more than a little weary of the tone-deaf decision making by councils and National, red tape and the shift away from the outdoors.  I'm starting to look for other ways to invest my time and treasure.
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