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    • The ACTIVITY is the event itself - the summer camp, the camporee, the backpacking trip, the merit badge “college.” The activity is not the program session, the day hike, or the class. As long as we avoid one-on-one contact, we’re fine.   We do not need need a female registered leader 21+ sitting in every summer camp program session with a female Scout. Think of it this way: We don’t need a male registered leader 21+ present, so why should female Scouts require special babysitting and chaperoning? If that were the case, every female troop would have to have one female leader for every Scout attend camp just to make sure they can attend sessions. That is patently ridiculous.   EDIT: So very sorry about the giant font! I’m really not trying to yell!
    • The Girl Scouts have since announced that  (scout) is no longer using the image to sell cookies. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900056980/jason-mamoa-samoas-this-girl-scout-put-jason-momoas-picture-on-boxes-of-samoa-cookies-and-they-sold-out-like-hotcakes.html FB comment: “Girl Scouts of Colorado still not addressing how it is right what was done. Joke or not... it is still teaching this young lady that copyright infringement is permitted and stealing is ok.” Should the Girl Scouts turn over all money from the  Momoas sales to Warner Brothers?  Could be a great opportunity to learn the skills of business ethics as mentioned in a  2011 essay Samoas to CEOs: 5 Things Girl Scouts Can Teach Businesses https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/1577-business-lessons-girl-scouts.html  
    • Not really a scouting story but one doing the rounds here that I thought you chaps might be interested in is the Mi Amigo 75th aniversary fly past today over Sheffield and Cambridge this morning. For those who have never heard the story Mi Amigo was a US bomber in the Second World War based in the UK that crashed on its return from a mission over Europe in 1944. The story of what happened though is quite moving. Unable to make it back to its base due to damage it had to make a crash landing. Initially to avoid crashing into local houses in Sheffield the crew attempted to land in a public park. As they approached they spotted a group of young boys playing (or fighting! depending which version you read) and veared away at the last minute, crashing in local woodland. All on board were killed.  One of those boys, Tony Foulds, has tended to the memorial to the crew ever since and following a chance encounter with a BBC journalist was able to get a memorial fly past by USAF and RAF organised. Most publicly it went over the site in Sheffield but later this morning I was able to see it from my house passing over the US military cemetery at Maddingley on the edge of Cambridge where some of the crew are burried, which is about 3 miles from me as the crew flies. Full story here. Quite a moving story.
    • I think there needs to be some acceptance that Eagle projects involve lots of opportunities for one-on-one contact with folks not registered in the BSA. Contact with a district representative while the scout's parent is nearby should be the least of our worries.
    • Let me ask a question.  Is the unit in compliance if the registered adult female leader was in the adult campsite with no youth in that campsite and 2 registered adult male leaders were in the youth campsite over 100 yards away out of sight of the adult campsite instructing a scouting skill. If this is a violation of YP there would be YP violations at every council and district activities such as camporees and summer camp where a registered adult female was not present each camporee event or each merit badge class that had a female youth taking part in the event or class.    
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