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    • Our Council does. It is organized on District level in similar manner as "regular" Cub Scout Packs. The difference is that it is run by a local non-profit that already does outreach / after-school / youth program work and it is slightly different in programming structure. It is run by the staff and volunteers of the outreach organization and supported by a UC like any other Pack. Membership for these Youth is sponsored between the non-profit running it and Council Scout Reach funds. This just recently started again in our District so it will be interesting to see how it will work out. It seems to me that they should have a more stable membership since it is an integral part of their offering, similar to some religious organizations using Scouting as their Youth program and with that being more integrated into their offering compared to Packs where everyone is recruited and then hopefully retained.
    • Our council has a Scoutreach program, but I don't know more than that. But thank you for starting this conversation, because it's a really important one! Yes, both BSA and GSUSA have an ethical obligation to serve low-income communities, and it's not a back burner issue. Especially when proven successful, like in the Scoutreach program that you personally ran, youth programs that strengthen civil society are patriotic and helping young people live happy lives is right action. This kind of thing is, according to the BSA mission statement, core to the BSA's raîson d'être. Let's be honest, packs and troops in middle- and upper-middle class neighborhoods are going be fine. We can literally sell more popcorn because the people around us can afford to buy it; we have old scouts returning to be scouters (half our committee and leadership) and otherwise engaged parents (the other half) who can and will organize for their kids even if council doesn't.  BP saw kids on the streets and founded Scouts. If we see kids on the streets and we're scouters, it's much simpler to know what to do. You're barking up the right tree with a community collaboration IMO.
    • The SE (sorry he insists on being called CEO) for Atlanta Area Council makes waaay more than that.  Thus no FOS for me.  
    • I thought it would be useful to have information specific to Archery for Cub Shooting Sports events, training, etc...and Archery merit badge as well. I've created a Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1076112180079482/?ref=share If you are new to Archery, being a Range Master/Range Safety Officer (RSO), or Archery in Scouting in general, please have a look and participate in the discussions.
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