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my ticket is finished

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  • my ticket is finished

    While I have many more things to work on, I can report that my ticket is complete. I need to try figure out a suitible venue for my beading. There are no Round Tables in the summer around here, so I have to think....
    Area Sea Scout Regatta,
    Fall University of Scouting,
    Fall RT,

    any other suggestions?

    Still working my ticket,

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    Congradulations.. You can now do the ticket dance.. (goes something like the chicken dance, but you throw tickets out like little flying chicken feathers) (actually just joking, anti-Woodbadgers hate our singing, they will not be too found of our dancing.)

    Does not have to be a big bash, something smaller with just your unit. sounds like you are in sea scouts so don't know what, but I know some at troop level just do it at troop level.. COH or during summer camp..


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      What I took away from Wood Badge in 1985 is that you work your ticket FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

      I'm growing old and feeble, but I haven't given up Eagling and I find I can still work my ticket these days.

      Some day that will change, but not yet.

      Still, congratulations on completing a significant milestone!(This message has been edited by seattlepioneer)


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        I am an ADC now. Was a UC for a few years. I am also on a couple of Council Committees (one is Venturing). While I have 2 kids - 1 in a Troop and the other in a Crew, I am not a memeber of either unit. I am trying to support SS in our Council as I can, and they have an event comming up that I will be attending.

        As for the singing.... I can only imagine how much I could embarass the kids if I danced too....

        SP - I am Buffaloing and proud of it!



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          I start my WB in November.

          As for celebration, maybe you could walk the plank and take "The Dive of Honor" ?


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            Congrats, David.

            I know you probably want 'em as soon as possible, but think about the people who helped you on the way and might want to be there. That will help you figure out when and where.

            I waited a few weeks for mine so that my guide could be there, and we did it at the start of a round table. Several colleagues of mine wanted it done at their Troop COH. Another person I know was given a surprise beading during a roundtable (apparently, she'd procrastinated lomg enough on telling her guide when and where).

            The Regatta would be fun. Haven't ever seen a Buffalo swim, but there's a first time for everything...

            And no, you're not done. You're just beginning.

            (This message has been edited by Eolesen)


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              About the only thing required for beading is that your WB SM and/or Troop Guide be present. Or not, I guess.
              My good friend wanted me to do the neckerchiefing and beading, (he claimed I had inspired him to take the WB) so I showed up at his District awards dinner (he was being made the District Chaplain) and so I came up front when he and his WB cohorts were called forward to be wrapped and woggled and beaded. And I sang too. No dance, just stood.
              It's been done at Troop CoHs, campouts, roundtables, Pack CoHs, church callouts, OA ceremonial dance contests, so why not a regatta?
              In the program, it can be called "Special Award" or some such.


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                Congrats on finishing the ticket!

                My only advice is don't feel the need to rush. I delayed my beading by a few months to find an appropriate ceremony. In hindsight, I'm glad I did.


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                  With the permission of my PLC, I had my beading at a troop Court of Honor. Two of my old Scoutmasters participated in the ceremony.


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                    Mine Too! I finished the last ticket item last night's troop meeting. That dastardly difficult diversity item. It actually went quite well.

                    I invited representatives from several different faiths and asked them to give a brief talk on their own faith as well as how scouts can be and show reverence. We ended the night with a presentation on the religious medals program.

                    Another member of my Bear patrol and I are working on the getting the beading ceremony scheduled for the council camper-all in a couple of weeks. It's important to me that me ceremony be in the outdoors. I have asked an older scouter and woodbadger whom I respect to do the deed. He was the one who pushed me to do this in the first place.


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                      We had an end-of-summer campfire COH last month.
                      I shared my beading with a young lady who earned our crew's first bronze award. I had her make a binder of her work so we would both have something for folks to look through.
                      Not a big crowd, but just the right balance of youth and adults. (And my stash of chocolate and marshmallows got ate down!)


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                        My WB patrol (feeble but wise Owls, we are) decided to bead together, which was just a delay of a month or so. A Buffalo, a friend to everyone, roamed into our ceremony, and we were happy to have him. The location was interesting -- it was at the site of an old Scout camp, since turned over to the state, in the district of one of our patrol members. Nice facility, nice lodge.


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                          Ahhhh. . .the circle of Wood Badge, I leave tomorrow morning for my first weekend.
                          Congratulations! I look forward to being there someday. . .


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                            Nice job. You'll find a good place to get beaded.


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                              I received my beads at the kick off round table for my district. All but one of my patrol was there, and she had the best excuse - on a campout with her troop. My patrol guide did the talk and each of my patrol did part. (one removed my training necker, another gave me the new one, and so on. My SM, SPL, and a few others also attending made it very special. When we were done, we asked if anyone was going to the next WB course and found 4.

                              Thanks to all for the support, good luck to all that are in process or starting, my admiration for anyone that has their beads (whether old or 21), and a special thank you to all that wear 3 of 4 beads!

                              I used to be a Buffalo...