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Starting a New Venturing Program

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    Another thing to consider would be implementing Youth Protection rules. Since you're making the religious service the central part of your unit's program, it would seem logical that you'd need to make certain that all Scouting rules were followed, including the prohibition on one-on-one contact. That may mean you'd have to guarantee that two servers - any combination of youth or adult - were present behind the scenes with the priest at all times. (Not being Catholic, I have no idea if two servers are required already or not.)


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      Short, the Catholic church has an 8 hour youth protection class all youth leaders must take. Least in the Disocese I live in does and I am told its National wide.Youth Prtection is emphasiszed

      Cam, the church I go to has female servers and female Extraordinary Ministers, you only have males? Must be a local thing.

      Officers are elected on the skills and abilites the membership see in them, ranks and/or acheivements are not part of the eligibility quotient.

      I spent 3 years in Seminary, Carpe Diem and Tempus Fugit et Illegitimi non carborundum


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        OGE: But are the rules the same as in BSA? I'm just thinking out loud here, and I lack the particular religious background, but I could potentially see a situation where an altar server is helping a priest with his vestments, and they're one-on-one. I know priests are far more conscious about such things than they once were, but it seems like it could easily happen. And since the crew appears to be promoting serving at Mass as a core element of its program, would not it have the responsibility to make sure BSA YP rules apply?


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          Is the Priest a leader in the Crew? Most Priests I know get "dressed" by themselves and pray as they put the vestments on, and they go on over their clothes, its not like they disrobe to put on the stuff.

          I would say a pupil in a school has as much one on one time as the altar boy and priest. Not that that counts as much. The priest who abused me did not do it before or after Mass, it was in his room in the rectory while I was watching Batman, he had a color TV


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            Now honestly,

            Do anyone of you know a 14 year old boy or girl that would think this is a great idea and enjoy doing it?????????

            I don't

            Now, the youth I serve are not wealthy and are under educated so........

            I think the reenactment crew, they would enjoy, they would also enjoy the being on the crew that services our scout camps.


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              Once again, Shakespeare comes to mind

              There are more things in Heaven and Earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy

              There is only one way to see if there is a demand, and thats to try


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                Thank you for your responses. I would like to add a couple of things, which may clear up some things.

                1. This Venturing Crew has not been established yet, it is still in the planning stages of creation.

                2. While we do have a focus to start with, the ultimate direction would come from the Venturing Crew. If they want to take it in a different direction, then we will explore it.

                3. The Catholic Church has a two deep program as well called Virtus. So, in my eyes, a Catholic Venturing Crew is stronger because it has two different two deep programs. This will do nothing but help the Venturing Crew.

                4. It is a Catholic Chartering Organization, so there will be a Catholic focus regardless of what the Scouts choose. I don't necessarily care if it is ministerial or something else, but it will definitely be influenced by the Catholic Church.

                A couple of other things...

                @OGE, I am sorry to hear that you were taken advantage of by a priest. I know several people who are in your situation and it is deplorable. I will not defend the actions of any person who takes the innocence of another. I will pray for you and that you either find or continue to solace in the Church. It isn't the Church's fault, but the fault of a sick man.

                Secondly, @basement dweller, no a priest is not a leader in the Crew. We have a priest who is the chaplain of the CCS for our diocese, we will ask him to be our chaplain, but we don't necessarily need a priest to be a leader.

                Thirdly, speaking about the co-ed nature. Male serving of Holy Mass is strictly speaking only for the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Mass. Our diocese allows for female altar servers in the Ordinary Form of the Holy Mass. So, that aspect will be up to the Crew, however, we will allow them to research and look into what they would like to do regarding that aspect. But remember, it is only one of several aspects we want to be part of. We also want them to be Catechists (teachers) and members of the review boards for Catholic emblems.


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                  Dont worry Cam, I am OK. Anything made by man, even organizations will have defects. The Catholic CHurch, Boy Scouts, anything. I went to the Seminary after my abuse ended because I wanted to counter-act the abuse, I wasnt up to the task but that, as they say, is a completely different topic.

                  Sounds like you have quite ambitious plans for the Crew, I wish you well. I hope the youth have as much enthusiasm as you do


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                    @ OGE,

                    It is ambitious, but it will ultimately be up to the Crew. I am excited to see how they respond, if we can get it up and running. I think that we can, so I'm pretty excited.

                    You're right, every organization will have issues. Even the Church has issues, but thankfully the issues lie with the men inside the Church and not the Church itself. I think that by and large we can say the same thing about the BSA, for the issues which exist there.

                    I will look to the forums for support and ideas. Happy Scouting.