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  • Credit for sales

    Just curious, how your packs credit sales for popcorn and scout cards when you sell as a group like at a store? Do you give credit individually to each boy or do you take the total and share among the boys?

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    From what I have seen, most units (around here at least) credit the young men based on a percentage of hours worked and what was sold that day.


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      While we have not yet sold any cards in a group setting, we have sold popcorn that way and have credited the boys based on the total sales and time attended as UCEagle stated. We have been thinking about holding a group camp-card sale. The idea we are kicking around for that is to provide a certain number of cards per scout, if and when he sells those, he can get more. That way each scout would get the credit for the amount they sold.


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        for popcorn sales sold at home or store, the parents track their scout's actual sales, and the pack gives them a credit of 15-20% of the cost of the popcorn depending on if the pack meet their overall sales goal for the year. the other part of profit goes to the pack.

        for anything else sold where you can track individual sales, it will depend on what the pack needs look like for the year. we usually have one fundraiser where all profit goes to the pack regardless of who sells the most. usually that's one where there are nice prizes, so the boys still get something out of the deal.

        occassionally we'll tie participation in a fundraiser to a discount on a particular campout or event--usually when there seems to be lack of participation. so if you help with the fundraiser, you don't get a % of your sales, but you get say a free rocket for the rocket derby, or you get the scout cost of the pack campout covered by the pack.

        we have had years where all sales of scoutorama tickets at the grocery store went into one pot. then everyone got credit for 5 sales to = the participation patch, and sales over that were divided up by boy based on how many hours they worked.

        it just depends on how the fundraiser fits into the pack budget[how much of profit you can afford to share directly with the scout] and how hard it is to track individual sales per boy.


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          I will add...Scoutbucks will be earned by boys regardless, only a certain percentage will go to the pack and that does not change. My question is if I take 10 boys to sale for 2 hours and we sell 100 cards...Do I sp;it the cards between the boys so that each kid gets credit for 25 or if kid a only sells 10 cards, kid b sells 5 cards, kids c sells 25, kid d sells 60 cards should I only give the kids credit for the ones they made the direct sales on? Even if kid B, was holding a sign at the road? In my situation, credit will go to the boy, just trying to figure out the most fair way to do it.


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            We used to take the amount sold and divide it by hours available to establish an hourly "wage." That way, a boy who worked one hour got the base amount, while a boy who worked 2 hours got twice as much. That seemed to encourage boys (parents) to stay longer, rather than showing up for half an hour and expecting to make an equal amount to the kid who was there all day.

            We also took the total amount from all store sales, so a kid who worked a less profitable day or shift or location didn't get a raw deal. (hey, we need kids to cover those days, shifts, and locations too!)

            That was just for popcorn - never did the card sales.


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              When we do sales at a store, where there are several boys working the area, holding signs, answering questions, maybe one boy asks the people on the way in the store and they say they'll come back out and buy, and then end up buying from a different boy--well there's no real easy way to track that by individual boy.

              so we put all the sales in one pot, and then divide the sales up by hour worked for each boy. so if we sell $200 during 20 boy hours, each hour is worth $10. if Joey worked 2 hours, he gets credit for $20, but if I notice that joey was sitting down and never doing anything, I might figure a way to reward the boys who sold more. sometimes you can track sales per hour and see that 2 boys that were there a certain time slot really rocked on their sales and were real go getters, so you might reward them. of course, it could be that they were just at the store at a time of day where there was more traffic than any other time of day.

              I'd say in your instance unless you note a particular scout doing a particularly good or bad job, split the money based on how many hours they worked.

              even the shy boy who barely talked came out, in uniform he acts as advertising for the unit sales just standing or sitting there, and if he tried a bit, he may have learned a bit about salesmanship so he'll do better the next time. We often have shy boys who want to hold up signs or fetch change rather than do any talking--but that can be just as important at getting the sales done.


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                I've made up tags or necklaces for Cub Scouts to wear saying "I've sold $___________ of Popcorn!"

                New stickers increase the amount sold after every sale. When one boy makes a sale, that boy makes a new sticker increasing the amount he has sold and a new boy is up to make the next sale.

                That makes it easy to credit boys with the amount they have sold.


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                  We take the overall from "manned" sales and give the scouts a share of the total. There are great and not so great slots that need manned. It depends on how many shares/hours they worked. The scout that works 6 hrs will get 6 shares while the scout that work 1 hour will get 1 share. Take total scout hours worked and divide that into total profit to get share/hour. Profit = Retail - cost.


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                    We work popcorn booth sales the same as Lisabob's unit.

                    We take the total of all booth sales (to even out good and bad days/spots, divided by the total number of shift spots worked. This gives you an overall $ per shift spot.

                    The boys then got sales credit depending on how many shifts they worked over the entire sale.

                    We had some families with multiple boys who made their per Scout goals mainly working booth sales, plus a bit of take-order for family consumption.