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  • Philmont Arrow as Adult

    Just a quick poll/question for others.

    When I was 15, I attended Philmont. Growing up in the mid-west, all of the adults who had been to Philmont wore their Philmont Arrow's. I've since joined the military, and moved to another state.
    Now, as a 35+ adult leader in a different state, I've started to notice none of the adults in my current district wear their Philmont Arrowhead's. I understand I'm geographically farther from Philmont now, so fewer people may have had the chance to attend, but there are a few in the district who have.

    So, my question is: Should I remove my Philmont Arrowhead? I earned the patch, but I also understand how some scout leaders seem covered in patches. I like to think I'm advertising Philmont and High Adventure to anyone who'd like to ask me, but I dont' want take away and seem like I'm bragging.

    Just looking for some thoughts on patch wearing as an adult.

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    Wear it with pride.


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      It's allowed....You paid for it with dollars....You paid for it with sweat and maybe blood...You earned it...It promotes Philmont High Adventure....Wear it with pride!


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        Absolutely wear it!


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          For me, it depends on what I'm doing. At Cub meetings/activities, I don't wear it; its a dangling cloth to get paint or something on. Visiting Scout and Venturing units as a Commissioner I only wear it when supporting a high adventure program, etc. So usually I don't wear it. But that's not because its limited by anything other than my own preference. Wear the Philmont Arrowhead whenever you want and encourage the program to all you meet!


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            I wear the Arrow head for COH only. Otherwise it may get lost or damaged.


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              The adults who never been buy them on ebay and spin lies about their fake trek....

              You actually did it, wear it with pride.


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                My Philmont Arrowhead is actually the standard dangle patch I almost always wear (with my OA 75 Anniversary Award ribbon & vigil pin, in the philmont arrowhead plastic holder).

                I rarely remove it, and then only temporary to wear another dangle.


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                  I wish I could wear one! Luckily I got 3 excuses to go now.

                  Darn tooting wear that thing!


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                    East coaster here. Most adults around here wear a Philmont belt/buckle. A few wear the arrowhead patch. I mix it up. I wear my Philmont buckle with my Northern Tier belt. Then I wear my Triple Crown patch on my pocket.


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                      I wear mine from time to time, partly to remember my grand adventures, and partly so scouts will ask about Philmont. I strive to not look like a general in full dress uniform, but beleive some insignia can insire youth to explore new program offerings.

                      Silver on the sage ...


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                        I almost never wear the uniform without an arrowhead. I've noticed, especially with former staffers, that if people have them, they wear them.