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The transition between blue and tan uniforms...

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    buying big is key... I now look back at the pictures of my son in the early years of cub scouts and webelos and just giggle a bit at how large his shirt was. luckily he was in the last year of the orange shirt tigers so he just had the blue shirt for wolf, bears, and beginning of webelos. His pack the tradition was to wear blue until they earned the webelos badge and then change to tan... all the boys in his den made it with that.

    about the time the centenial uniform came out, I had a friend who had a boy becoming a webelo and not enough money to buy a uniform - son's shirt was not going to make it the rest of his years so I got him a new one and passed along his old one to my friend's kid. now at 16 (almost 17) his shirt fits very well... it'll last until he's 18 and will get a new shirt as adult.


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      IMHO. The tan shirt looks goofy with the diamonds on it. The patch placement guide has the oval webelos badge on the tan shirt left pocket. My Webelos den kept their blue shirts as momentos and saw the tan ones as the beginning of their transition to boy scouts.


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        Uniform Inspection sheet shows all three options.

        For Blue or Tan:
        all 4 diamond patches
        just the Webelos Diamond

        For Tan Shirt only:
        Webelos Oval


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          "... I now look back at the pictures of my son in the early years of cub scouts and webelos and just giggle a bit at how large his shirt was."

          I'm not sure, but I think I sort of remember doing that as a kid. Uncomforatable and not sharp looking. You're right though.... worth a giggle and in some ways it's 'cute'.

          Last year at the start of Tiger, The lady at our scout store and my wife were both suggesting I buy big. I specifically didn't want him to be wearing a shirt two sizes too big.... I understand the importance of pride in the uniform, and I wanted my son to feel that... and look sharp, so I bought the size that fit him.... well, it was the smallest size but had a little room to work with still. I'll likely regret that down the road when I'm showing him how to strip the patches and re-sew them, but I take pride in it. I think we'll be good through Wolf, but I'm not sure.... definitely before Bear year, so I suppose he may be in Blue through most of WEBLOS, or maybe all of it.

          The shame of it is all the money and trouble of sewing, and he rarely wears it. My pack is a T-Shirt "Class B" pack......


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            I have the privilege of working in one of our Scout Shops. When a new member comes in, the first question I ask is his grade in school or which program he has joined; that guides everything else. New Cub Scouts who are in fourth grade are led toward the tan uniform in a size that will carry him through his two years and into Boy Scouts. To quote myself, "He'll have a great time, and the tan is the uniform he'll wear for the rest of his career as a Boy Scout.

            I ask those parents of veterans if they plan to transfer patches - most want a memory shirt and start fresh. Most of the packs in the council where I serve present the oval, so many parents use the plastic patch holder (ew, ick) for the transition. The long and short of's Mom and Dad's decision; but I like to include their son as a part of the whole uniforming thing.


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              """They can use the same shirt/ pants right on through boy scouts ""

              Scoutfish: Oh , I don't think so.... I have an Eagle and he has needed no fewer than 3 more shirts....and they didn't wear out!


              No, I don't mean they will wear it completely through boy scouts, I meant they can wear that uniforn right on to when they become boy scouts..Just pull off the cub scout patches instead of buying a new uniform when they reach boy scouts.

              My son is 11 1/2 years old, 5'&" and 133 pounds. He'll probably be 7'2" and 300 pounds by the time he is 18 years old.

              At the rate he's going, he will need a new uniform every year.


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                Just to throw in my 2 cents... in our Pack, we let our WEBELOS II wear the Tan, and the WEBELOS I wear the blue...transition to the brown shirt is over time, based on the growth of the scout. The unspoken goal is to have their brown shirts by the Blue-&-Gold in Feb...but honestly no-one is ever forced to purchase one over the other.

                This helps provide a visiual with the badges the older WEBELOS Scouts have earned over time...helping to inspire the younger scouts towards their goals. By the time the WEBELOS II transition to Boy Scouts, the WEBELOS I have some badges of their own to wear on their new Brown they aren't as upset about the transition.


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                  WELCOME TO DA FORUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                    "My question is about what to do with the ranks and arrow points from the blue uni."

                    I encourage the parents to keep all the ranks and arrow points on the blue shirt. If they move them over to the khaki shirt they will need to remove them when they receive their Oval Webelos Badge.

                    They have the option to stay in the blue uniform but most elect to switch over by the time they start 4th grade.


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                      Or they can remove the TC patch and place the Webelos diamond there as it was before Tigers became part of Cub Scouts int he late 1990s/early 2000s

                      I remember wearing the Bobcat, Wolf, Bear,a nd arrowpoint patched on my tan and green uniform as a Webelos. And that was 28 years ago.


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                        As a parent, I think I'm going to transition my son from blue to tan when he actually earns the Webelos badge.


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                          >>"As a parent, I think I'm going to transition my son from blue to tan when he actually earns the Webelos badge."