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i-Phone App's??

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  • i-Phone App's??

    So, my wife and I just got new i-Phones, and I'm looking for the best APPs for Cub Scouting. I used to have several app's on my Android, but I wanted to see if anyone else has any good suggestions.

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    I just joined the 21st century as well. Anyone have an opinion on the best iPhone app for astronomy? I don't mind paying a couple bucks for a decent one.


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      GREAT TOPIC!!! I have my scouting apps grouped together on my iPhone. Among them: Star Walk- an awesome astronomy app! Also, Grog Knots- this app shows how to tie dozens of knots/hitches/lashings/splices step by step with animation; Leafsnap is a plant/tree identifier: just take a pic of a leaf against a white background! MapLandNav- All you ever wanted to know about compass/orienteering, I've also installed Army Ranger survival and SAS survival apps. Lastly, if your Troop or Pack is without a bugler, pay the 1.99 or so and buy Army Bugle Calls. All the bugle calls we've come to know and love at summer camp. Most apps were FREE. Don't think I paid more than a few bucks for the others.


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        I'll have to give leafsnap a try again. I tried it when it first came out, not so good. If memory serves it was limited to plants found in NY or someplace. Didn't cover a lot of the stuff here.

        I tried I think most all of the advancement/tracking apps that were out there maybe 1-1/2 years ago. None of them struck my fancy.

        I like:
        sunrise & set
        Sun Seeker


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          My "Scouts" folder has:

          Geocaching ($10, but totally worth it),
          KG Free (Knot Guide is the paid version)
          My Radar
          Tides Planner

          For administration / communications, I can't live without my apps for Google Docs (all my Pack Documents, including sign-up sheets are on there), MailChimp (mass email), and WordPress (website).

          Looking at doing a subscription to Scoutbook for advancement tracking once their Pack plan is released. It's a webapp, not a native app though.


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            I don't have an iphone, but my son does:
            Saw a National Geographic bird guide. I think it was about $10, but if it includes all the birds in North America and samples of their songs.

            The free lite version has 20-50 birds (I didn't count) and the songs as well

            Since he has to come up with the cash for $ apps, I haven't had a chance to look at the full version.


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              Arrgh. Double post, see next..
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                1st post on this forum...

                Apps I have (all free) that are at least tangentially Scouting related:

                Any weather app you like
                Your vehicle insurance company's app (you never know...)
                A "flashlight" app
                Bugle Boy (Bugle Calls)
                HSW (How Stuff Works) -- think STEM
                CamScanner -- take a picture of a document, scan to PDF, send via e-mail, text, whatever
                * NASA app
                * Planets
                * StarGuide
                Maps, GPS, and Orienteering:
                * ArcGIS
                * MapQuest
                * GPSLite
                * Google Earth
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                  Sleep Cycle


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                    Originally posted by King Ding Dong View Post
                    Sleep Cycle
                    The day I need an app to do what I should be able to do myself is the day I'm useless to the troop.


                    • King Ding Dong
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                      It's a useless app anyway, but get lots of press attention.

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                    Packbadges is great for Cubscouts. It has all the rank, beltloops and a few other items on there. It's nice to have when out hiking so you can make sure the requirements are what you remember them to be.

                    Scout Trail is for Boyscouts and it does a way better job in the Boy Scout program as it has everything there. Ok, except for the recently announced Merit Badges.
                    These are both iPhone based apps.


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                      Google Sky!

                      You point your smart phone (Android, anyway) at the sky and it identifies what lies in that direction (even in the day, which can be interesting). If you point it at the ground, it shows what is currently in the sky in that direction on the other side of the earth (including the location of the sun at night).

                      The Small Dipper is sometimes too faint to see, so we view it with Google Sky, after the new Scouts show with a green laser how to find the North Star using the pointer stars of the Big Dipper or the Big W (Cassiopeia).

                      From Wikipedia:

                      Google Sky is a feature for Google Earth and an online sky/outer space viewer at It was created on August 27, 2007.[1] The application allows users to view a collaboration of images from NASA satellites, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and the Hubble Telescope.[2]

                      It is available on Android and can be used on a smartphone as an augmented reality application.



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                        How in heck can they see that little screen from 300 feet away ?

                      • Kudu
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                        Because it's a Samsung Note 2

                      • King Ding Dong
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                        iPhone apps not phablet apps.

                        There are decent ones for the iPhone like Starwalk. Might need to move that down to 100 feet though.