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  • About those stars...

    OK, the Stars took a vacation.
    When (if) they come back, the Slow Page Load times won't accompany them. The formula might also be tweaked some.
    Let me tell you all the details of the formula that was being used, then I would love to hear comments on whether the formula should be changed, or even whether or not the Stars is worth bringing back to the Forums (perhaps even with a slightly different purpose/approach).

    Give the user 1 point if they have ever made any posts.
    Give the user 2 points if they have posted 2 or more new topics in the past 60 days.
    Give the user 2 points if they have posted 10 or more Replies in the past 60 days.
    Give the user 6 points if 90% of the votes they have received are positive.
    Give the user 5 points if 80% of the votes they have received are positive.
    Give the user 4 points if 70% of the votes they have received are positive.
    Give the user 2 points if 60% of the votes they have received are positive.
    Give the user 1 point if 50% of the votes they have received are positive.
    Subtract 2 points from the user only 40% of their posts are positive.
    Subtract 5 points from a user is less than 20% of their posts are positive.
    On calculating the percentage of votes versus total posts, do not count posts for which there are NO VOTES either way).
    Do not count posts that only have one vote either way
    If more than 25% of any user's votes are attributed to any one person, ignore all of their votes (positive or negative) toward that person in calculating the User Rating
    Th goal of the User Ranking was to encourage people to make quality posts to the Forums. Eventually, those people with low rankings would find all of their posts "squelched" to the general public reading the Forum.


  • #2
    Herding cats would be a lot easier.
    Have to admit that I paid no never mind to the stars. There is a diverse group of regulars some who I think make good sense, some who I think go out of their way to push buttons and one that I have no idea about.
    At times I do admit that I tend to forget that there are young people who visit these pages and I really ought to watch what I say.
    I am not going to miss the stars. Most of the time I didn't vote for anyone one way or the other.


    • #3

      Sounds Good to me. (Opps! hit the submit button by mistake.) Not that it matters but if it works, then good. We can only try. I don't miss the stars. Everything seems to working okay now.

      Matua(This message has been edited by matuawarrior)


      • #4
        I don't really miss the stars. At first I liked them. This was mostly due to the fact that I had a high rating. Then I started to think about that. Just because my previous posts on some other subject were good doesn't mean my posts on some other subject will be.

        Let me provide examples.

        I could probably be classified as a minor expert on the Order of the Arrow.

        On the other hand, Venturing, and to a greater extent, Cub Scouts, are not areas of particular expertise.

        Some new forum member that just looks at the stars might think I was some sort of BSA guru. That may be true on a few issues, but it would be misleading on others.

        The stars were a good idea, and do serve a purpose. However, I think we can all do just fine without them.

        Thank you for your continuing efforts to maintain and improve these forums.


        • #5
          The stars are wholly unnecessary. They add nothing to the quality of the forum and any formula for posting them is arbitrary. If someone posts something of value, they usually get a positive response from their comrades. If the quality is poor, well just look at the response that someone got on the lockdown threads.


          • #6
            I like the stars!

            Like Scout insignia, they provide a kind of "instant recognition".

            My vote is to bring them back and keep them!



            • #7
              The stars were neat but really unnecessary. I vote to not have them.


              • #8
                The Stars were a good idea but we don't need to have them. I'd be more interested in keeping the ability of "rating" input as to their usefulness on the subject. I think that would incourage quality posts.


                • #9
                  It might work if you used square knots instead. I've watched a lot of adults do some amazing things for a square knot.



                  • #10
                    My vote is "No Stars" I think some people are already too competitive on this forum, I actually participated less durring the stars era.

                    Just my opinion,



                    • #11
                      It appeared to me there was no correlation between the stars and what people thought of the post or poster. Either people were not voting, or there was a flaw in the algorithm (that mathematical principle invented by Al Gore).

                      I vote no. I don't miss them.


                      • #12
                        I find the stars to be inaccurate and irrelevant.

                        I vote 'NO' on Proposition S1.


                        • #13
                          Badges we don't need no stinking badges!

                          Oops wrong movie!


                          • #14
                            The stars are back! The stars are back!


                            • #15
                              Twinkle, twinkle little star
                              makes me wonder what we are.
                              Five of them a dude you make,
                              two or less, you're just a fake.

                              So twinkle on you little star,
                              I pray my rating you won't mar.
                              If only two of you I boast,
                              it truly won't affect my post.

                              I vote they go away.