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I can't be the only one????

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  • I can't be the only one????

    I can't be the only person here in a western region lodge can I? Well either way i thought i would at least put post one for the region.

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    Greetings. I am a Chapter Adviser for the Tahquitz Chapter in the Cahuilla Lodge located in the Inland Empire.

    Thought I would send a reply and let you know that you are not alone.



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      hay your not the only one I too am from tahquitz in the Cahuilla Lodge located in the Inland Empire.

      I would like to know what chaper your from.



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        Good to see some Cahuilla... go Snakepower! You're not alone in Western Region...

        West is Best,

        Wanakik Chapter


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          I will post a second for the Lodge then!! Es-Kaielgu Rocks!! West is Best!!


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            Well let me chime in for two more lodges in W4B.

            I am a former Lodge Chief of Navajo Lodge (Old Baldy Council), and former Chapter Chief, Kinaani Chapter (Sunset Chapter). (Youth)

            Now live in America's Finest City, San Diego. That means I am a member of Tiwahe Lodge (San Diego-Imperial Council). Wulinaixn Chapter (Black Mountain District). (Adult)


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              Another here from the west.

              Ut-in Selica Lodge in Mt. Diablo Silverado Council. NorCal. :P Near to San Francisco.



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                ya im here too. I'm the lodge chief of Shunkah Mahneetu in the grand teton council. we got south eastern idaho and a little bit of wyoming.

                West Is Best!!!

                And if you have any suggestions on how to make my lodge better i wanna hear them. i just got elected 3 weeks ago when the lodge chief was elected section chief. and i want to add some new programs to make the lodge better. and any neat ways to retain membership would be good too. the lodge is small right now and it doesnt need to be. i want to fix that. anything you could say to help me would be greatly appreciated.



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                  Another poster from Ut-in Selica Lodge in California. Wek Wek Apanuc


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                    Hey, this is the Section Chief of W-5D here, and I am just letting everyone know that the WEST IS THE BEST!!!!!

                    I have A couple of reasons for saying this and I will only say one for now, but we have the best ratio of Quality lodge achievement in the Order of the Arrow currently.
                    Just to let you know....


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                      If you check out my "e-name", you will see that my OA career is related to Cahuilla...all the way back to the 50's. In that distant era I was a member of Wisumahi Lodge #478, one of the lodges that merged to form Cahuilla.

                      To boot, I am now a member of Ut In Selica!

                      NOAC 2006 is on the horizon and I hope all you Westerners are planning to be there. Last year Wiatava had a huge contingent that was very impressive. I can still see all those "yellow gearheads" lining up for the Founders' Day Show: it seemed like there were thousands!

                      And let me put in a word for my specialty, American Indian Activities. NOAC always had a great program in that area AND it is the most well-attended of all the NOAC areas. If you want to see some of the very best outfits in the OA, be sure to come to the "Gathering of Nations Powwow": that is where the AIA Staff shows off its stuff. Then be certain to come to the dance competitions where you will see the very best outfits and dancing that the OA youth has to offer. I am certain you will be impressed.

                      In Brotherhood,


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                        I am here!

                        I am the new advisor for chapter 2 in Awaxaawe' Awachia. I have only been in for a few short months but none the less we have taken the bull by the horns. We have proved that the OA still is around and that it is needed NOW more than ever in our district. We have gone from 4 members (end of dec-05) to 21. This past weekend we had 4 canidates go through ordeal and One earn his brotherhood. The chapter is on the Up and UP!

                        Yours in Scouting and Brotherhood!



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                          Nisqually 155