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2012 NOAC at Michigan State

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  • 2012 NOAC at Michigan State

    Who's with me? Who else is going? I've got my usual staff job with Administrative Services/Logistics. Yup. I pay the fee to haul all the materials around the campus so that the participants have a good NOAC experience.

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    Unfortunately I'm not going, but my son is going with a bunch of his Brothers from last year's Summit Corps.

    I really got a chuckle when we got the info to pre-order stuff from the trading post.

    "Pencil Holder"= Beer Glass
    "Toothpick Holder"= Shot Glass


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      I've never been and I'd love to go. The Lodge Adviser and Lodge Chief challenged me and my Chapter Chief to recruit 10 people from our chapter to go. I'm lucky to have 10 show up at a Chapter meeting. I have a few entertaining the idea, but none who have signed up to my knowledge. I'm still contemplating as I have committed to staffing a summer and fall NYLT course and I'd like to use a little of my vacation as family time.


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        My lodge has about 20 going if I include staff. A smaller than normal attendance, but I think that the economy is largely effecting it. Florida isn't known for high paying jobs and has been hit hard with the housing and unemployment. The youth leaders decided to go to Cedars Point for a day instead of spending money on duffle bags, hats, t-shirts, etc.

        My staff position requires me to arrive on probably Wednesday this year.(This message has been edited by Tokala)


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          I'm Staffing WB and NYLT the week later. so no time.. I'd love to go though. Maybe next time they'll do it closer..


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            What? It's *NOT* a toothpick holder?!?!

            I hate to break that to my brother. I got him one of those Philmont toothpick holders several years back when I went to a training. He still uses it to hold toothpicks.


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              I have never used any of my NOAC 'toothpick holders' to hold tooth picks. I have used them for what they were designed for doing....

              I got my report date...July 26. They must have lots for me to do to ask me to get there 4 days early.


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                #1 son wanted to go, but will be at Philmont those dates.

                Any chance NOAC will ever get to a big southern school?


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                  I'll be there serving as Newspaper-Communication Staff taking photos and writing articles for the daily paper. I actually just bought my AmTrak tickets and am really looking forward to attending my first NOAC.

                  From my understanding, NOAC is intended to be in the central US. While Michigan isn't completely center and U of Iowa or Nebraska would be better, it's still a fantastic venue willing to cooperate with us. I think University of Tennessee, Knoxville would be as far south as NOAC would go.


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                    "Any chance NOAC will ever get to a big southern school?"

                    Thing is, NOAC needs a college with enough room at the time (early August) they hold NOAC.

                    This actually limits them to the number of school they COULD go to. Most of the southern schools that could are usually booked up with other things.

                    As I understand it, because of the number of people expected for the 2015 NOAC, they are basically limited to a VERY small handful of schools.


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                      Not many universities can handle a conference of 8000 people. I doubt the locations expand beyond what seems to be in the rotation: Indiana, Iowa State and Michigan State. I heard rumors at NOAC in 2009 that they were looking at holding one at Penn State. They haven't been to Tennessee since 2002, so NOAC may have grown too large for what UT can provide for housing.


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                        I can confirm that University of Tennessee still has room, I've attended several conferences there with over 15,000 people. I'm assuming that University of Tennessee is now charging huge rates for conferences to be there, as they book the convention center, World's Fair Park, hire over 100 staff, place publications everywhere, etc.