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2012 NOAC at Michigan State

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It's a shame the 100th anniversary NOAC couldn't be at UI Bloomington. My son's going, but I remain on the fence. Like so much OA, NOAC has began to loose touch with both it's purpose, and that of the OA, substituting goofy games, and fun activities for OA program with a purpose.

I've been a member, and adamant supporter, of the OA for thirty four years, but the program is loosing its focus. NOAC would be the perfect place to begin putting the program back on track ... but I fear it's becoming a huge frat party, without the liquor.


I was at the planning meeting in Dallas when the bids were presented by MSU and IU. The economics drove the decision to hold it at MSU. The scope of the OA has increased drastically since I joined in 1977. The OA is now involved in OA High Adventure (service to the national high adventure bases), Cub Scout service, community service, camp service, and many other things. In 1977 it was pretty much limited to camp service. I don't see the expansion of areas to provide service as"losing focus".


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