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Requirments for Adult Cantidates

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  • Requirments for Adult Cantidates

    I would put this in the confidential section, but I am not sure in the correct spelling for the adminition. Anyway, I took our Webelos Den to summer camp to see the call out ceremony for OA. I had my assisstant Den leader ask the requirments for Adults to be tapped out. All I remember is that there was a camping requirment, but I also wanted to know if someone could be picked if they served in the Cub Scout level?

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    Since the OA is a Boy Scout program, I would say no. If adults were elected as youth, they can remain members, however.

    Adults must meet all requirements, except to be First Class. They are not "elected", but are recommended to the Lodge by their Troop Committee. Recommendations should not be considered a "reward" for service or longevity, but should be in consideration of what they can offer the Lodge as adult advisors.


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      OA is not part of the Cub Scout program. When I was part of the elections team I remember that an Adult could not be nominated if no youth had been elected. The adult application was like a rider on the Troop election form. Things could have changed.


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        In our area, each troop can recommend one adult candidates for troops with under 50 scouts, two adults for troops with over 50 scouts. The adults must meet the minimum camping required.


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          I think there is also a provision for adults to be elected from the district and possibly council level as well. So theoretically, a Cub Scouter who was active in the district might be elected.


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            Trev speaks the truth -- that's exactly how I got elected.

            My district service was as a UC to several Cub Packs. I was never a Boy Scout.

            And although I might have had enough camping nites as an ASM with my son's Troop, they had other more deserving candidates to nominate ahead of me (1 adult per 50 boys I think is right).