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Ordeal Membership Cards for New Members

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  • Ordeal Membership Cards for New Members

    My son passed his ordeal with 9 other candiates and now is waiting for his membership card to buy his ordeal sash, book, and lodge flap. Do you know who is supposed to completed his membership? He did not received anything at his ordeal.

    I noticed right after the ceremonies were done, all the boys except the new ordeal members left without asking for address or contact information. My son ask the adults, and the adult just shrug their shoulders.

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    Sorry you're having this kind of experience. Typically, the membership cards, a sash, a lodge flap, and often a book, are presented to the new members right after they complete Ordeal, including the ceremonies. Is there someone in the Troop that is a member of the OA that can find out what's going on? Your son may be asking the wrong adults - if they aren't members of the Order themselves, they just may not know - but someone should know - otherwise, a call to the Scout Service Center should get you some answers.


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      I was told by the lodge advisor that my son is the first scout in years in his chapter that has ever done the ordeal. His troop is not active or encouraged.


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        "Typically, the membership cards, a sash, a lodge flap, and often a book, are presented to the new members right after they complete Ordeal, including the ceremonies."


        The cost of these items are usually included in the Ordeal, and all are given to the new Arrowmen at the end of the Ordeal weekend. Most lodges do it that way.

        Only variant I've heard of is when some lodges hold back some items until the next lodge weekend to encourage attendance. Never heard of a lodge that forced a kid to buy it all on their own, especially as with most lodges, you can only buy them FROM the lodge, and thus only at a lodge weekend.


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          Something's not quite right here. Are we sure we're talking about the Ordeal, and not a call-out ceremony?

          If your son went through the Ordeal, his contact information should already have been on file with the lodge or chapter conducting the inductions. The candidates have to register, fill out a medical form, etc. No one just shows up without the inductions team knowing who they are.

          In addition, new members are given their sashes as part of the ceremony. They shouldn't have to get it separately, unless you're talking about buying an extra one.

          Your son should call your council service center and ask for contact information for the lodge inductions chairman or inductions vice-chief.


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            Have to ditto shortridge here. Contact the Lodge Admin person. Usually this all gets taken care of right after Ordeal. Card, Sash, and Flap.


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              While things may vary from lodge to lodge, the SOP is give the card and book that same weekend. The sash is given out at the ceremony.

              Now in my lodge, new members get a packet with their book, card, dangle and lodge info after breakfast Sunday morning. Those that leave early, for religious reasons or otherwise, have their packets given to the chapter adviser who will give it to them at the chapter meeting.

              But I think I still have one packet for a young man who went through the Ordeal, and was never heard from despite repeated calls and a letter.


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                This ordeal to me was a last minute event in Utah.

                I was disappointed in the Lodge because most of the youth only showed to practice ceremonies on Saturday but did no service. Once it was ordeal time(5 pm), the youth left for home leaving ordeal members and 3 youth to do the ceremonines.

                My son was allowed to borrow a sash for the ordeal, but the people were saving money and told me that I was supposed to buy a sash for him before the event. I also doublecheck myself and he was told after he got there that ordeal members were supposed to supply their own sashes and books.

                There was no medical forms requested or additional informaiton. My son applied for the ordeal 3 months in advance and was not called with anything to bring, except for a class A Uniform and sleeping bag/tarp which on the online registation form.

                I did contact council and I told them about the ordeal and they are going to send a membership card.

                The only thing that counts to me that he is now in OA, so he can enjoy the brotherhood and cheerful service.


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                  I'm sorry he had that experience. It sounds like a very slipshod Ordeal. One of the great things I remember about mine was being welcomed into the Order by the other members - older boys I looked up to and admired - not just the ceremonialists.

                  As for the lodge "saving money" - if he paid his dues and fees, he should get a sash. That's a fundamental part of being a member. I hope his lodge gets its act together in the future.


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                    Again, sounds like a lodge that could use some revamping.

                    Ordeal candidates are supposed to get a letter about the ordeal, informing them of what they need to do and bring.

                    Ordeals should be major events of the lodge. Most lodges have a major ordeal, then may do 1-2 'make up' ordeals at other lodge events (lodges usually only have about 4 weekend events a year). Usually at the main ordeal, most of the lodge members are busy doing service work at camp. Most everyone would be busy, either as elongomats for the ordeal candidates or doing other work. And its a weekend event. Starts on Friday evening, doesn't finish until Sunday morning. For everyone! (like all OA weekends). Bad enough we have parents coming to take new Ordeal members home on Saturday night without OA youth members just coming for the day.

                    As noted, Ordeal candidates usually pay a higher price then the standard weekend fee because the price will include flap, sash, card, manual and whatever else the lodge gives them. Borrowing sashes for the ceremony is only done if someone had messed up and they are short sashes. Because the lodge controls the flaps, cards, sashes and manuals, this is part of why have this package deal.

                    Also, usually in the evening, most lodges will open up their 'box' of stuff to sell (extra event patches, flaps, manuals, other stuff the lodge may have like t-shirts, belts, etc).