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Executive Officer?

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  • Executive Officer?

    I was just attempting to recharter online (yes, I'm very late) and a red flag came up saying we needed an Executive Officer. I don't remeber that last year and can't find any reference to an XO in the Committe information webpages.

    I got a lot of red flags to tell you the truth. It seems I can't be the CC, Cubmaster or a Webelos Den leader at the same time.

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    Executive officer is the person who is the head of the sponsor, such as the minister and so on. Only position you can hold with another is COR and one other such as CM. Otherwise, you could theoretically have a unit with only one or two people holding all the positions which is not a good idea and kind of misleading.


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      So, does that mean I now have to register my minister? I would have thought the COR would have those duties vested in the position.


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        All that info should be in the charter package. But the executive officer is a NON REGISTERED position, and also unpaid. So, the answer is no. They also are the ones that need to sign the agreement. Most EO's are far too busy to do what the COR is supposed to do. Reality is that COR's often are nothing more than names on the charter.


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          Our Executive Officer is also our Charter Organization Rep.


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            The Institutional Head or Executive Officer is the PERSON WHO SIGNS THE CONTRACT!!!! He/she is the one who accepts the license from the BSA for the church/club/business to accept and use the BSA program in support of the institutional goals. As stated above, he/she is not a member of BSA simply from this position.

            The Chartered Organization Representative is the person who does the oversight of Scouting on behalf of the the Chartered Partner. He/she IS a member of BSA.

            They may, but rarely are, the same.


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              The Executive Officer is merely a figurehead. He doesn't want any power? Don't give him any. He will not get a background check, he will not pay any fees, he is pretty much a pen lord who gets to sign stuff, but can be as involved or uninvolved as he wants.

              Though I'd say that if it leans toward "involved" get him another position besides.


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                Test, test and retest.