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  • Winter Camping...

    Just got back from my daughter's GS Troop winter camping trip. It got down to -9F!!! The girls really did well! I was surprised that -9F wasn't all that bad. Cold, but not as terrible as it sounds like. Ok, yes, we were in a cabin with a wood stove, so not as intense as tent camping, but it was a drafty cabin with no water, so not like being at home! We took a 5 mile hike in the snow after breakfast, then a night hike before dinner. The girls loved the stars in the clear cold sky, the squeak of cold snow, and the fun of breaking ice on a dark frozen stream. We followed and attempted to identify all kinds of tracks that went everywhere across the snow. They were amazed at all the signs of life in the cold of winter. The did some great cooking on the stove and managed to keep the cabin warm as well. It was a good trip, and I heartily recommend getting the girls out in the winter.

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    Once our girls were past 5th grade, the yearly winter cabin camp was the only cabin camping we did. The rest of the year was tent camping. I suspect that, aside from their love of tenting, they were also glad to limit the dusting, moping, scrubbing, and toilet cleaning to only once a year!

    They loved to cross country ski, do night snowshoe hikes, sled, star gaze, etc. Of course, they also liked curling up by the fireplace, munching s'mores, and telling ghost stories!


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      Sounds awesome! Of course I have a way to go seeing how my daughter is only 2nd year Daisy
      Oh well, lots of good ideas being cultivated in the old brain garden!



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        Now the fun begins. My daughter is a first grade Brownie this year. She can't wait to go camping with "her" Scouts. She has been camping with the boys since before she was born. I just hope her leader wants to camp, even a cabin camp. At this point, they still can't camp until the leaders take the required training.
        We are going to a mom & me type of camp in the late spring. It is a summer camp sampler.



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          sounds like a lot of fun... though I was hoping it was tent camping because I'd have shared that with my troop who are soooooo against tent camping in the winter.

          I've gone with my son's BSA troop, and it honestly isn't as bad as anyone would think... key is to realize "hey I'm going to be outside alllll day and night I actually need to dress for it." Of course it's cold when you walk home girls, you refuse to wear a hat because it messes you hair, you refuse to wear a good pair of boots because they just don't as cool as __________.... and the list could go on.

          and with girl led troop of high school girls, I don't see us ever tenting in the winter... oh well, I still tell them when I get back from doing it with the boys and tell them how it wasn't that bad and how much fun it is.


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            Our troop of juniors is winter camping for the second time this March. Last year was a very cold unheated cabin when it was 28 F outside. This year we will sleep in a heated cabin but will cook and be outside most of the day. The biggest issue is that where we live it doesn't get cold enough for the girls to really have any cold weather gear. They all still growing so there's no way parents are going to purchase items for a two night camp out. The sleeping bags aren't the issue it's more the clothes, boots, and heavy socks.